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Spotify is testing offline mixes

As a Spotify user for many years, I have always felt particularly positive about the service anything related to music recommendations that I might be interested in. Whether it’s with the custom mixes, the songs it adds to the playback, when we’re listening to the content of the playlist we’ve created, etc., I think there’s a lot of intelligence behind how it works.

It’s never entirely clear to me if the recommendation process is purely based on AI algorithms or if it’s more like Spotify it also has a team of music professionals dedicated to reviewing the results of these algorithms to fine-tune their operation as a team with our developers, so that in some cases we can even doubt whether we added the song to the list ourselves, or whether it was Spotify who assumed (usually correctly) that it fits there.

Be that as it may, in the dean of music streaming withThey are very aware of the importance users attach to this feature and as a result, they are engaged in improving it regularly, either by proposing new types of mixes or by introducing them to other parts of the service in order to expand their reach, so that more users can verify their correct operation and Of course, , so that they are more likely to keep their subscription.

The most recent evidence of this can be found in tweet from Daniel Eko, founder and CEO of the company in which previews of Spotify’s upcoming Your offline Mix featurea way that, as we can quickly infer from the name, will offer us content related to what we’re listening to and allow us to access it even when we’re not connected to the Internet (and of course not, I’m not talking about synchronized playlists, it’s something else).

As we can read in The Verge, which would get more information about it, the playlist would be automatically saved “a mix of your recently played tracks for when the vibe is up but your connection is off«. We can see it in the picture the test you took generated a list of three and a half hoursso we understand that this feature strikes a balance between offering a good amount of content, but not consuming an excessive fraction of the storage of the device on which the service is being used.

Although there is still no set date for its launch, the fact that it is the Spotify CEO himself who showed it on his personal Twitter account gives us food for thought we won’t have to wait too long for it to debutso we’ll stay alert.

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