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What to remember before posting anything on a social network

Post it on social media.  (Photo: Carballar)
Post it on social media. (Photo: Carballar)

Post the information Social media It’s something more serious than you think, because just like funny videos or memes are spinning that entertain or evoke reflection; In others, What is published can affect the life, image and reputation of others.

According to Digital 2021 data compiled by Hootsuite and We Are Social, the number of people currently accessing social media in Colombia is about 39 million, reflecting an 11% increase over 2020 data.

Besides, Most of the users are in social network Facebook And it is mostly accessible Smart phones.

Similarly, according to experts, over time, Social networks make people more thoughtless, impulsive and less compassionate towards others. This is mainly because they no longer need face-to-face communication, which slows down the communication process.

“Every day people are informed about hundreds of news, memes, chains WhatsApp, Audio, video, publications, images, or any other type of information on the Internet that may be fake and spread virally until it is denied. It often becomes a pillar of judgment that influences others without thinking about it. ” Agency Xharla experts explain.

Fake news on Facebook.  (Photo: GMEDIA)
Fake news on Facebook. (Photo: GMEDIA)

Thanks to this, agencies such as Xharla, Edu Media, Digi mente, Movilizatorio, Fundación Unidos Somos Mas Fuertes, Los Tecos Mexico Soccer Team, Instituto Tecnológico de Bogotá and Colegio Hebrewo Monte Sinaí, took the initiative. Reduce violence on social media and fight fake news.

“We try to become users of social networks, communication media and InfluentialTo alleviate problems such as Cyberbullying Or cyberbullying, False news“Defamation of people and harassment of children, young people and adolescents, which is carried out through social networks,” – Xarla points out in this regard.

This group of media, social networks and cybercrime experts made up a A list of five recommendations That anyone can apply in practice without great complications and thus join the fight a Internet Quieter and less violent for everyone.

5 Keys to Remember Before Posting on Social Media


Before publishing, it is better to think about whether it is necessary to do this type of publication? What am I looking for in this?

With this clarity, you will be able to better improve your posts, your goals, and the audience you are addressing.

This is true?

Be assured that what is published is necessary to reduce the growth of fake news as there is a probability that fake information will be posted on Twitter which is 70% more than true and False stories have ten to a hundred times more audiences than real ones.

That is why a group of experts advises that if you doubt the veracity of information, it is better to investigate other sources and Do not post if you are not sure.

Is it inspiring?

Think about what is posted on the internet positively or negatively inspires others because words and poses Has an impact on the user environment, And they can create actions in other people.

The UN I confirm this More than half of the young people became victims Cyber ​​bullying in Latin America And a U Report study confirms that 1 in every 3 young people receives comments and publications that tarnish his or her reputation.

Is it useful?

Writing something interesting for other people helps to create a positive collaborative environment and generate social empathy.

Posting comments or posts that have messages of hatred or criticism towards other people will only cause tension among followers and, of course, hurt sensitivity.

Is he friendly?

When writing a comment, it is advisable to re-read it so that it does not understand otherwise what was intended, this will allow the messages to be objective and not try to damage any good name of any user.

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