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7 Asus routers have a critical security vulnerability

Asus releases important patches for the firmware of seven...


Helpless This is the word that...

Creality, known for its quality and affordable 3D printers in our country, introduced its new products on the pitch of Bayern Munich

Creality, one of the leading companies in 3D printing, organized a major launch event at Bayern Munich’s home ground, the Allianz Arena. This event was of great importance as it showcased Creality’s next steps in innovation and creativity. The theme of the event was “Let’s Raise the Fun Together”, with the aim of introducing new products and celebrating creativity and collaboration.

One of the most notable aspects of this launch is Creality’s FC Bayern Munich It was a licensing collaboration with. The two brands have a common vision on innovation, speed and perfectionism. This collaboration allowed Creality to launch FC Bayern-themed products. Many products were introduced at the launch, from new printers to filaments.

Creality’s new 3D printer series K1, introduced in April 2023, was also included in this launch.

Ender-3 K1

The FC Bayern licensed 3D printer model K1 received worldwide critical acclaim in the short time it was released with its features such as a 600mm/sec print speed and fully automatic bed leveling.

Ender-3 V3, the final member of Creality’s legendary Ender series, was introduced.

Ender-3 V3 KE

The new 3D printer Ender-3 V3, which can achieve speeds expected from current printers such as 600 mm/sec, seems to be making a name for itself in a short time with features such as double Z-axis and 4.3-inch touchscreen. Some versions of this model have also been introduced.

Ender-3 V3 KE includes the Creality OS function, which allows you to control the 3D printer remotely. We see that the printer, which has a maximum printing speed of 500 mm/sec, has an efficient and high-quality structure.

Ender-3 V3

Moreover, Ender-3 V3 SE, which is released for only $199, attracts attention with its compact design, dual Z-axis and automatic bed leveling. This printer is expected to be the new affordable model of the Ender series.

The CR-10 SE was introduced for advanced users.


Equipped with CR Touch and pressure sensors for higher performance, the CR-10 SE seems to be extremely successful in achieving the first layer, which is one of the main problems with 3D printers. In addition to the automatic leveling of the first layer, the CR-10 SE is expected to be a sensational printer with its fast printing speed and various high-temperature filament printing supports.

CR-Scan Ferret Pro allows you to transfer the real world to digital.

CR-Scan Fret Pro

In addition to 3D printers, Creality also produces 3D scanners. Its newest representative, CR-Scan Ferret Pro, can convert everything around you into 3D imaging with a scanning accuracy of up to 0.1mm.

For better quality prints: Creality BASF Ultra PLA


Creality has announced its new filament series, developed in collaboration with BASF, which enables faster printing. This filament can achieve much higher speeds without sacrificing print quality.

What are the other products introduced at launch?

Falcon Pro 10w

At the launch in Germany, Creality also announced the Nebula Pad, which improves printer performance, and the Nebula Camera, which can be connected to this device and record in HD. In addition to the high-resolution camera, it optimizes your prints and makes them faster and of higher quality.

However, the Falcon Pro 10W laser engraving machine was also announced. The machine, which features enhanced security features, a built-in camera and air support for clean results, can open up a whole new business opportunity for you.

Finally, Creality Space π Filament Dryer was introduced to combat the problem of moisture in the filaments, which is one of the biggest problems in 3D printers. You can get quality prints without any moisture issues with this new device, which supports 11 filament types and features real-time moisture monitoring and precise drying functions.

Creality has once again made important breakthroughs in the world of 3D printing when launched in Germany. We are eagerly looking forward to the new products from the company, which actively serves our country.

Source: Web Tekno


7 Asus routers have a critical security vulnerability

Asus releases important patches for the firmware of seven...


Helpless This is the word that...


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7 Asus routers have a critical security vulnerability

Asus releases important patches for the firmware of seven routers. They contain a security vulnerability that allows a hacker to log in remotely. Asus releases...


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