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Are you excited for The Elder Scrolls VI? Well, be patient…

It was just over five years since Bethesda first talked about The Elder Scrolls VI. It was at E3 2018, and while it was already clear that there was no talk of an imminent launch, there are many among us who have been waiting for its launch ever since. And it seems unbelievable, but it will soon be 12 years since The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim hit the market on November 11, 2011.

In recent years, Bethesda has devoted itself body and soul to Starfield, so it was expected that the future installment of this franchise would be delayed for a while. We must also add that two years after the announcement, Bethesda announced an important change, as they decided to change the engine for The Elder Scrolls VI, which undoubtedly should have been reflected in the wait would be significantly longer.

However, Todd Howard also stated this at the time The work team dedicated to the engine has multiplied by five within a few months, something that made us think the delay wouldn’t be too long. However, the years passed and we hardly heard anything again. Something that, I repeat, can be understood by all the spotlights being on the Starfield, but it made us think that the development of TES VI was proceeding at a good pace.

So today we brought a proper jug ​​of cold water because, as we can read in The Verge, Microsoft is not considering The Elder Scrolls VI until 2026 or later. The information comes from a filing filed by Microsoft with the FTC and consists of a chart in which the company reports on Bethesda titles and franchises, closing out a list that also includes Fallout, Starfield, and Redfall, among others. .

This table gives us some important information, as you can see in it, the most notable of which is that it will arrive at least in 2026, and that it is planned to launch on PC and Xbox. Its arrival on PlayStation is not planned and is explained in the table.and it also won’t have multiplayer or cross-play, all aspects that could further complicate its development and further delay its arrival on the market.

So if the most optimistic of the predictions come true, No less than 15 years pass between the launch of its predecessor and the arrival of The Elder Scrolls VIa decade and a half… which is early.

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