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If this continues, we’ll forget about Adobe Photoshop: the layer feature is coming to Microsoft Paint!

US-based technology giant Microsoft recently Windows 11 apps is focused. It has come to the point where we are getting to know new features every day. The latest news is that Microsoft has already targeted paint It shows that there will be another important innovation in the application.

The new feature that appeared in the Insider version of Windows 11, code 11.2308.18.0, adds new features to Paint. Adobe PhotoshopIt reveals the future of one of . This function “LowIf things continue like this, users will start using Paint as the main image editing tool. As a result, Paint will no longer be necessary. no fee needs to be paid.

This is what Paint’s Layer function will look like:

The layer function allows you to create multiple layers on a sketch at the same time. multiple images makes it possible to process these. In this context; You can place an image from which you have removed the background on a different background, on all layers. you can work independently. With Paint’s new feature, these are all available for free.

At the beginning of our news we said that Microsoft has been focusing on Paint lately. In this context; The application will be supported by artificial intelligence in the near future. some properties will take. So much so that a text you write automatically becomes a You can convert it into an image. Recently also Paint cleaning background We reported that it will have the feature. All things considered, Paint is now developed We can easily say that it will be a photo editing program.

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