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According to leaks, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will halve the zoom. And for a good cause

A classic every year is when Samsung starts leaking its next phones flagship months before the official presentation. We started hearing the first rumors and leaks about the Galaxy S24 Ultra a few weeks ago, and now we have new information about the cameras.

Especially at the longest telephoto There will be a transition from the traditional 10x content of recent years to 5x content Like what Apple installed on the iPhone 15 Pro and Google on the Pixel 7 Pro (and expected for the Pixel 8 Pro as well). This is all a leak, but it comes from a source that doesn’t usually fail in the industry.

New 50-megapixel sensor with semi-optical zoom for S24 Ultra

Keeping with tradition, we’ll get to know the Galaxy S24 in depth in the first half of February, but as with many generations, it’s about six months before we start to have a lot of information about the phones before we finally see them in the units they market.

One of the last is coming leaker via Ice Universe excitement. It is one of the most reliable sources in the industry when we talk about leaks and things to watch out for. A reduction in the telephoto focal length of the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

If the Galaxy S23 Ultra mounts 10x, the S24 Ultra will be 5x. This telephoto will have 50 megapixels instead of the 10 megapixels of the current generation 10x. The Galaxy S23 Ultra has a telephoto sensor measuring 1/3.52 inches, and the new 50-megapixel sensor will have a significantly larger size of 1/2.52 inches with 0.7 micron pixels.

So: less focal length (half, so this is a significant step back), but more megapixels to enlarge as well as a larger sensor that captures more light. The second telephoto will be 10 megapixel 3x, as in this generation.

The new five-fold telephoto configuration will be very similar to the one seen on the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, and the interesting thing is that a few hours ago, Samsung had shared a post in which it talked about the benefits of installing more megapixels and larger lenses. sensors in mobile telecameras.

They were talking about 200 megapixels, not 50 megapixels, but commented that with that number of megapixels the sensor could be cropped to do a lossless digital zoom. Optical focal length can be almost doubled with a 50 megapixel sensorso you still get 10x lossless Still 10x instead of optical like in this generation.

The difference is that the sensor is larger, so cWould fit 10x more light and detail than existing 10x with smaller sensorbut this is all theory and we have to look at practice.

It may just be a coincidence that the Samsung announcement coincides with the Ice Universe post, so we’ll have to be wary of new leaks that give more weight to this cut in the S24 Ultra’s focal length.

In fact, it was leaked a few weeks ago that there would be a 50 Mpx 5x sensor, but We all thought this would replace 3x. What’s clear is that this will be an interesting move, as Samsung brings both the 200 megapixels of its main sensors and the benefits of the Galaxy S Ultra’s zoom as standard.

But ultimately, as we always say, this is still a leak and no matter how reliable leakerYou should expect any communication from the company.

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