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Videos and photos | Puppies and retired dogs stole Chile’s independence parade

Puppies and retired dogs accompanied Chilean police at the country’s traditional military parade for independence, the most anticipated event for families.

The Carabineros dog training school showed dogs that assist in anti-drug procedures, as well as in searching for explosives and people.

These adorable pups undergo rigorous training to adapt to crowds and noise, which ensures their flawless performances in the parade, explained Capt. Gabriela Berrios of the Chilean Carabinieri.

“From a very early age, we prepare them for noise, accustom them to different scenarios of events, to getting closer to people (…) so that on the day of the military parade they have a good time, just like us.”

Total There were 76 dogs in the parade this year. in the central park of the Chilean capital, among them seven dogs that will be retired starting Wednesday after serving with agents.

Four girls and three boys, aged 7 to 9, will now live with Carabinieri families.

“We love watching the little dogs, they are so cute and do so many wonderful things like find people,” Martha Miller, who was present at the O’Higgins Park stop, told the team. Reuters Television.

Dog Adoption Call

Organization Animal image He also took part in the event, calling responsible adoption.

The military parade was led by President Gabriel Boric and was attended by more than 7,000 military and police personnel.

The animals have been included in the military parade since 2017, and since then police loins have become the undisputed stars of this respected annual tradition, capturing the hearts of spectators. (Reuters)

Source: Aristegui Noticias



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