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This is my favorite web browser for Android TV: it’s free, fast and blocks ads

One of the applications that someone who likes to get the most out of his smart TV cannot miss on his smart TV is an application that will allow us to visit a specific page to access different IPTV services such as web browsers, initiatives such as LyngSat Stream. or Worldtvmobile. There are many web browsers, but there is one that I particularly recommend because it works very well, is fast, and has an ad blocker. Among other functions. The icing on the cake is that it doesn’t cost a single euro.

It’s called BrowseHere and this web browser was created by TCL, the manufacturer of my current smart TV. Unlike some other software developed by TV brands, this browser does its job effectively. But it is not specific to TCL: Anyone with a smart TV with Google TV or Android TV You can download it to your TV for free from Google Play.

How BrowseHere works and best features

When we open the application after downloading it, its simplicity attracts attention. This makes It is extremely easy to use and at the same time offers an agile experienceA very important thing when we want to browse the internet because the truth is that Android TV/Google TV is not designed to use browsers.

And pleasant surprises begin: In the sidebar there is recommended content and news, but also direct access to: free movie selection In the style of other apps like Samsung and LG channels to watch free content. Although I didn’t go into this section too much, I got the impression that the content was very little and that it was essentially old movies, but I hope they add more updated content.

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Probably the feature I like most about this browser is this: contains an ad blocker. If the ad is generally annoying by himself It’s even more appreciated on any device, usually a TV that runs slower than a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. This feature can be easily enabled or disabled by tapping the ‘Advertising’ icon next to the address bar.

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Another thing I really like is, button to launch the content of our mobile phone very simple way, just by reading a QR directly on the TV casting the screen of our devices.

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But the main task of a browser is to take us from one website to another depending on the content we enter. Although I usually use a compatible Bluetooth keyboard Check It OutHere has a voice function, another very agile alternative. Of course, you can only use this if the controller comes with an integrated microphone.

We mentioned above that one of the things a person might need a web browser on their television for is IPTV listings. Well, in BrowseThere is an option to add IPTV listingsso we can directly reproduce them to save the steps.

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