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Gmail takes new measures against spam and spam emails

Communication by mail reveals the essential role in everyone’s life: sia di chi ci lavora sia di chi non. The importance of fairy tales ha fatto sì che Google provision of e-mail service Gmail Send mail for strong protection against phishing and spam attacks. Here it is innovation A huge Mountain View location has announced this place.

Arguments of the article:

First very incessant check for spam

Google developed a defense based on Gmail’s artificial intelligence Blocks 99.9% spam, phishing and malware capture almost 15 billion spam emails every day. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of defense mechanisms is huge and technologies are not yet developed.

In fact, with the cyber threat constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, almost 20 years after the launch of Gmail, Google new measures To keep your post office safe and free of spam.

Improve Gmail email verification

Google has paid special attention to the basics of email security in the Gmail account: la verifying the identity of the sender. You can never compare to a basic compilation, you can access a complete database to verify the authenticity of an email, the existing data in the system is outdated and presented as invalid on the Internet.

L’anno scorso, Google started requiring some form of verification of emails sent to Gmail addresses. Questo passo ha visto un 75% of unauthenticated messages These messages received by Gmail users contribute to freeing up the mailbox and blocking billions of malicious messages with higher precision. By continuing to progress in a short time, we were able to charge much more.

gmail ricerca con ai

Sender requirements

Entrando nei details delle nuove measures, until February 2024 Gmail will start imposing new norms on bulk senders (those who send more than 5,000 messages per day to their Gmail address):

  • Email authentication: Google enables sending a large volume of messages for verification of emails, then providing hardening and robustness, providing excellent protection against aggressive cyber attacks.
  • Simplified Parsing: The electronic mail platform will require major senders to provide Gmail recipients with the ability to unsubscribe from commercial email with a single click and process unsubscribe requests within two days, significantly simplifying the end user’s experience.
  • Requested email: Gmail provides explicit spam protection and protects against the sender to avoid receiving messages that are not already sent, and increases the protection level of the content.

These new requirements represent practices that should be considered Gmail account’s basic email is normal. For those who need support to improve their systems, Google has assured that clear indicators will be provided before the new norms are implemented in February 2024.

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