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Google Drive has been modified to be more useful on Android tablets: improved its interface and file viewing


One of the most common and recurring complaints of Android tablet users is that some popular applications They don’t really take advantage of a larger screen, rather they feel like a scaled-up version of the same mobile app. Fortunately, this has been changing over the years, thanks to Google or the manufacturers themselves and their proprietary system layers.

Now Google has announced very interesting changes to the application. Drive for Android tabletsIt’s dedicated to making a 10-inch or larger screen more useful when using a file storage and management application and even viewing and editing some documents.

Google Drive is coming to the web with a revamp for Android tablets

Google Drive News for Android Tablets

the idea of To look Renewed vulnerability for Drive on Android tablets: the experience of using the app Get closer to using Drive on the webwith the same “hierarchy” style for folders and file organization.

In Google’s official announcement, the company explains that one of the most important changes to the interface will be visible at the top of the application, directly above the list of files and documents. When the app is updated with the new interface, you can see: a folder hierarchy listfirstly, to always be aware of which part of Drive the user is in, and secondly, to navigate between folders more easily.

The user will see the file address as follows:

My Drive > Primary Folder > Secondary Folder > Project Number 1 > Project Documents

In this way, you will be able to quickly access it by tapping on the name of any folder, just like you do in the web version of Drive. The renewed interface will come to Android tablets with the update this November.

Another key change that brings the Drive experience on Android tablets closer to the web is that a series of columns next to files show relevant information, such as when a file or folder was last modified and how much storage space it takes up. , This is a very important thing if we have a limited amount of GB in our Drive.

Finally, Google also recently announced that it will be possible to see: simultaneous two page PDF file While this change may sound simple in Drive on Android tablets if the tablet is used in landscape orientation, it significantly improves the experience of viewing and editing multi-page PDF files on tablets running Google’s operating system.

Again, this is another change aimed at making larger screens more useful and versatile, and considering that there are also 14-inch Android tablets, such a feature is appreciated. improvements to user experience.

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