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Miley confirms that he is going for privatization and approves a cabinet of 8 people.


Argentine President-elect Javier Miley confirmed that his cabinet would consist of just eight ministries and announced that the lawyer Mariano Cuneo Libarona will be responsible for performing the functions of justice.

In statements to the radio station Radio Miter, Miley not only confirmed the name of Cuneo Libaron, but also emphasized that one of his first actions in this sector will be the appointment of the vacant judge of the Supreme Court.

In addition, the President-elect also announced that Caroline Piparo will lead the National Social Security Administration, the body responsible for administering retirement, pensions and social benefits.

“My intention is to be the first link in the reconstruction of Argentina. Then we will see whether I will have to rule for four or eight years. I want my government marks a turning point in the history of Argentina“Miley noted in one of the interviews given this Monday to the Argentine media.

Miley highlighted the name of Cristina Fernandez’s former minister, Florencio Randazzo; or the rights of two former ministers of Mauricio Macri, Guillermo Dietrich and Javier Higuacel, although he did not specify what role they might defend in his executive power.

The figure of Cuneo Libarona thus joins other names already confirmed by Miley himself during the election campaign, when he announced Nicolas Posse as chief of staff, Sandra Pettovello as minister of human capital and Diana Mondino as minister of foreign affairs.

In particular, Mondino has repeatedly spoken out against Argentina being part of the BRICS bloc, consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, to which he was officially invited after the last summit in South Africa last August.

Despite officially confirming who will be his next justice minister, Argentina’s president-elect has refused to announce the name of his economy minister because he believes the ruling party will try to torpedo him before he even takes up his duties. .

Yes, he took the opportunity to confirm his intention to liquidate the Central Bank (BCRA) for be a “moral problem” develop a financial strategy to solve the problem of short-term bonds issued with the participation of a foreign credit institution, privatize public companies such as YPF, Public Television, National Radio and Télam News Agency. “More for symbolic than budgetary reasons.”

He also expressed his intention to repeal the Leasing Law and introduce an “open skies” policy in aviation matters, which would include transferring control of Aerolíneas Argentinas to its employees.

Regarding the International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan, he stressed that he was “making progress in virtual meetings” with representatives of the international organization. “It is more friendly for the Fund to have a dialogue with us because we are convinced of the need for fiscal balance,” Miley stressed, before pointing out that the renegotiation agreement the government signed with the IMF at the time was “outdated.”


Miley stressed the government’s “90% agreement on the agenda” with its political allies in the Republican Proposal (PRO), especially former President Mauricio Macri and former Joint for Change coalition (JxC) presidential candidate Patricia. Bullrich, whom he said he would “gladly” accept into his government because “all his efforts have been crowned with success.”

As for Macri, Miley explained that he may not have a “strictly” position in his government, although he could be a “great representative” of Argentina in the world because when he ruled, “his foreign policy was very good” .

As for his residence, he said he will move to Quinta de Olivos to work from there “24×7”, so the Casa Rosada, the traditional presidential residence, will remain in the background.

Miley won the second round of the presidential election with 55.7 percent of the vote, against Peronist candidate and still Economy Minister Sergio Massa, who managed to convince 44.3 percent of voters. (Reuters).

Source: Aristegui Noticias



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