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OnePlus launches a free neural network for creating music


Company OnePlus announced the launch of a free service OnePlus AI Music StudioWhich allows you to create music, songs and video clips for them with the help of an artificial intelligence system.

The company said:

Create your lyrics, easily mix them with AI-generated beats, and watch your creation with a visually stunning music video at your fingertips.

The composition can be created in various genres (preparing to start rap, EDM and pop direction). The user can also choose a mood, from happy and energetic to romantic or sad. It is recommended that you choose a topic for the video. The user can also add a description for the service to generate lyrics and overlay them over the melody.

OnePlus offers to publish video clips on the platform, compete with other users and participate in contests. OnePlus AI Music Studio It is available at aimusicstudio.oneplus.in for users in India and at aimusicstudio.oneplus.com for users in the rest of the world. All you need to start the creative process is to sign up.

Source: Port Altele



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