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On November 15, Nothing released Nothing Chats on the Play Store. It was an ambitious project that made this possible Chat with iMessage users from AndroidThis is the first time an option of this size has been released for free, and at least at this early stage, for the Nothing Phone 2.

It didn’t even take a week for the app to remain on the Play Store. According to Nothing, they have pulled back from working with Sunbird “until further notice to fix a few bugs.” The focus of the controversy shifts to the developers: They claim to have found security issues after analyzing the app.

What was the Nothing Chat?. Nothing Chats is an application developed by Nothing in collaboration with Sunbird. The latter is a messaging app (and web solution) that lets you exchange messages between iMessage and Android. The important thing is that Sunbird ensures that communications are not stored on its servers and encryption keeps chats within the device.

Nothing Chats is an adaptation of this app to the Nothing layer; Creates a new application with Sunbird technology and specific to Carl Pei’s company. It was released on November 15, but was pulled this Saturday, November 18, three days after its launch.

Developers have doubts. Kishan Bagaria, founder of Texts.com (a company that is a part of) AutomaticThe beautiful daughter of the creator of WordPress) assured X That the Nothing Chats app is “extremely insecure”. Showing the application’s own code on the social network and publishing a detailed report explaining compromises and pointing out fatal errors such as not using the HTTP protocol and not encrypting the application. This meant that information was sent to servers as plain, easily accessible text.

9to5Google assures that they were “able to independently verify these findings” through a study by Android app developer Dylan Roussel. Roussel also assured that all documents sent through Nothing Chats are public and that the app is not end-to-end encrypted.

Sunbird’s reply. Sunbird wanted to defend itself against these accusations. They state that the HTTP protocol is used only in certain parts of the application and that the data is encrypted end-to-end. Based on these developers’ findings, the app’s code appears to say the opposite.

The answer to nothing. Although it did not mention security issues, no statement was made on X stating that they were working on resolving errors in the application.

“We have removed the Nothing Chats beta from the Play Store and will be working with Sunbird to fix a few bugs, delaying its release until further notice. We apologize for the delay and will do what’s right for our users.”

We’ve reached out to Nothing from Xataka to expand on their side of this information and will update this article as soon as possible if we receive additional clarifications.

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