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Six Samsung Galaxy apps so good they’re worth trying on any Android mobile device (and how to download them)

Every manufacturer in the Android ecosystem implements its own layer of the Google operating system, and although colors vary according to taste, I think one of the brands that does the best job in personalizing the experience is Samsung with One UI. Go ahead, there are some apps that I find incredible, but there are others that are not so great and I even disabled them. However, some of the Samsung Galaxy apps are so good that they are interesting for every phone, regardless of its brand. And the good thing is that in some cases they are: these The best Samsung apps you can install on your Android mobile phone.

note: Since the apps are available on Google Play Store, their installation is as simple as searching for them in the official Android app store or we have left a direct link for your greater convenience.

Internet (Samsung browser)

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The Samsung browser has been compatible with other devices for several years, and the truth is that it is a good idea to use it as an alternative browser (or even the default browser). we are before A very capable browserIt has a very intuitive design and stands out with its customization options.

Only Chrome has little to envy, but it has its own functions that you will not find in the Google browser. So, it has trump cards like a toolbar that you can configure to your liking with up to 30 buttons, a significant privacy layer that blocks pop-ups, automatic downloads and tracking, an incognito mode, and even a video player. Integrated that works with gestures.

When you buy a Samsung device, the Samsung browser comes standard and is the predefined browser by default, but if your device is from another brand, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung’s browser

Download for free


Currently, only the Galaxy Ultra and some home tablets come with an S-Pen as standard, but if you want to use a third-party stylus, that works too This application to enjoy and get more benefits of this accessory.

So Penup a type of social network For creative people, where you can share what you do, participate in events and challenges, be inspired by other people’s work, interact with them, or just learn how to make the most of it.

Openly live drawing feature for beginners It is very interesting because it shows you a time-lapse of some work, so you can learn how it is done and some tricks. Or use Penup as a coloring book.


Get more out of your pen

Download for free


Screenshot on 2023 12 07 8 11 08

If you have a more or less smart home, check out Smarthings. This application brings together different applications from a wide range of connected devices so that they can be synchronized, understood and, as a result, so you can monitor all your home automation.

Some things you can do Turning your lights on or off, changing the temperature, opening and closing doors, viewing what your camera is recording, accessing your smart doorbell, seeing electricity consumption…

Be careful because No need for devices or apps to be SamsungThey just need to be supported on the platform, but yes you will need a Samsung account to use SmartThings.

The app works well and the list of supported devices is long; so although you need a good installation, It’s worth spending some time and putting everything together.


Control your home automation with a single app

Download for free

Samsung Health


Samsung Health is the application responsible for tracking workouts, sleep hours, calories burned, steps and routes you take, controlling your diet… If you have a Samsung smartwatch, it will ring because it is the watch it uses. for these tasks. What I like most is a Wide range of functions to help us live a healthier life.

This way, you can set goals, challenge people around you, and even participate in global events. However If you are looking for ideas, you will find them in this application: Comes with a section of videos from fitness experts to improve your endurance, definition, weight loss, start running…

Must be stated interface in terms of both ease of use and aesthetics. minimalist, ideal for beginners. Charts with summary are best for seeing progress.

Samsung Health

Samsung’s health app

Download for free

Galaxy Wearables

Screenshot at 2023 12 07 7 53 49

As we just mentioned, Samsung watches are not exclusive to the Korean brand’s phones. You can use them with any Android mobile phone by installing this Galaxy Wearable, which allows you to customize the health app and globe, change settings, download Wear OS apps, update, find the device. This app is essential if you have a Samsung device.

I say device because in this application you can also enable noise cancellation, Ambient mode or change the settings with gestures if you have headphones at home. Yes definitely, Only works on Samsung devices, does not work on other brands.

Galaxy Wearables

Personalize your device with this app

Download for free

Samsung Smart Switch

Screenshot on 2023 12 07 8 03 10

If there is a task that gives you a headache and fear, it is switch from old phone to new. Let’s face it, there is a long list of apps that will simplify this process, but I would say that not all of them work equally well, are equally fast or reliable. Conclusion? It may cost you a little more and you may even experience some dissatisfaction.

With this app you can transfer multimedia content, call history, contacts, messages, your installed apps, user accounts, documents… and the best thing is, you can do this between Android, iOS and even Windows or Blackberry (though nowadays it’s hard to find them).

For my taste, Samsung Smart Switch is a One of the best data transfer apps on the market due to its agility, simplicity and effectiveness. In fact, photos and videos pass without any loss of quality, and you can even choose between transferring them wirelessly or with the durability of the cable.

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

Switch devices easier and without losing anything

Download for free

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