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How is the new Mi Band 7 different from Mi Band 6 and 5?

The new Mi Band 7 turned out to be, on the one hand, a minor update, but on the other hand, it looks very interesting to overpay for a new model or even upgrade it with Mi Band 6.

The screen got bigger and took on an important function

Xiaomi is increasing the Mi Band display from year to year and this time is no exception. Mi Band 5 has a 1.1-inch screen (294 × 126 pixels), Mi Band 6 is already 1.56 inches (360 × 152 pixels), and Mi Band 7 is 1.62 inches. The manufacturer did not reveal the resolution, but it increased in proportion to the diagonal – the pixel density is 326 pixels per inch, as in the previous version.

However, Mi Band 7 is very different from the Always-On Display function, which constantly displays the time (and sometimes other useful information), even when the screen is locked, you cannot raise your hand to see the time. It is currently unknown if third-party AoD dials will be available for download.

pulse oximetry

Initially, a heart rate monitor (SpO2) appeared on the Mi Band 6, combined with a heart rate monitor. However, users only used it in the early days as it had to be turned on manually and remained stable for a minute. In practice, this is inconvenient even in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic and is then forgotten.

On Mi Band 7, its business has changed for the better – blood oxygen saturation is automatically measured throughout the day, and if a critically low level (below 90%) is reached, the bracelet will begin to vibrate and display the appropriate message.


According to the manufacturer, Mi Band 5 and 6 will work autonomously for up to 20 days in the version without NFC and up to 14 days with it. The Mi Band 7 battery has increased from 125 mAh to 180 mAh, but the official operating time without charging is 14 days (apparently without NFC). The decrease in autonomy is most likely due to the continuous operation of the pulse oximeter as well as the AoD mode.

However, there is good hope: Xiaomi has not disclosed the conditions under which the Mi Band 7 will work without charging for up to two weeks. Disabling some features can extend battery life by a few days – after all, the slightly increased resolution of the screen may not have affected battery consumption that much.

Calculating the time needed to rest

In addition to AoD, Mi Band 7 has another feature that previous models could not boast of – calculation of the time required for rest after exercise and recommendations for achieving this goal (muscle gain or weight loss). According to the company, it is based on EPOC (excessive post-training oxygen consumption), but little is actually known about it. It is also unclear how well it will work in practice.

Is it worth the update?

For older model owners, upgrading or not is always a tough choice. This is of course a subjective question, but upgrading from the Mi Band 5 and previous devices seems logical – the Mi Band 7 is adequately priced, only slightly more expensive than the Mi Band 6 at the time of its release. But it offers the best imaging and pulse oximetry.

Whether to replace the Mi Band 6 with a new one is a controversial point, especially before the detailed reviews. Most likely, the increased diagonal of the screen will not once again affect the font size (it will remain the same small). In addition, a pulse oximeter is hardly necessary in a fitness bracelet just to buy a new model for it. The point in this, however, can be adjusted with the Always On Display function – sometimes it’s incredibly convenient to see the time without raising your hand (especially if the lift sensor doesn’t always work and the display isn’t always lit).

Source: Port Altele



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