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How to resize desktop icons in Windows

Desktop icons in Windows serve as shortcut to launch games, apps, files, or pretty much anything that you want to place so that you have them closer at hand, whether it is a simple text document or the internal tools of the system itself. Their use is wide and we use them even on Linux, Android or any graphical operating system.

In general, we put the most used icons on the desktop, although their usage varies greatly from user to user. Some tables are completely full and others are emptier. Depending on available space and screen resolution you may be interested in adjusting its size. Large for better placement or small to make the table more compact.

Change the size of desktop icons in Windows

In Windows it can be modified very easily as follows:

  • Right-click anywhere on the desktop.
  • Click ‘View’ in the context menu and there you will see three sizes to choose from. Choose the one you like and all sizes will fit.

What if I want a more custom size?

Less well known than the above is how to adjust the size to an arbitrary value. This can be done in the registry, but it goes beyond these basic instructions. However, there is a way to leave it to the taste of almost every user, if the three sizes offered by the system by default do not convince you:

  • Place the mouse cursor on any empty part of the desktop.
  • Press and hold the ‘Control’ key and move the mouse wheel up or down.
  • This will resize the icons in shorter sections and give you better customization.

In addition to those related to the desktop, Windows offers the ability to change the size of icons in other parts of the system. For example, those found on the taskbar:

You can also change the settings of applications such as file explorer. Editing icons has many parts.

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