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NATO is moving away from Trump; Miley excludes the possibility of joint management; and much more | The first pages of the world 02/12/2024

Here’s what’s highlighted on the covers of international media this Monday, February 12, 2024:


New York Times

NATO considers isolation after Trump’s remarks

Strategy against Russia could bypass the US

Washington Post

Biden is close to breaking up

Netanyahu’s frustration is growing. Aides call for more public criticism of Israeli leader


Country / Spain

Feijoo’s pardon move displaces the PP mid-campaign.

Popular leaders are “stunned” to see that he is ready to extend a measure of grace to Puigdemont. They believe this is a “controlled explosion” in the face of possible Jants revelations.

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The Guardian/UK

International students ask to clear their name from cheating on English exam

Thousands of people forced to leave UK due to apparent miscarriage of justice

Latin America

Clarin / Argentina

Miley ruled out a joint government with missile defense and turned to Congress

The President wants to assemble a “powerful inter-bloc” before March 1

El Mercurio / Chile

Slow cleanup of fire-affected areas makes it difficult to find victims and begin reconstruction

They are asking to speed up work in the Valparaiso region

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Peruvian trade

Two effective collaborators accuse Vizcarra of collecting bribes

Businessman Meneses told what the interest rates were when distributing the money

Source: Aristegui Noticias



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