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Lenovo may introduce an artificial intelligence-based operating system this year

Vice President of Lenovo at CES 2024 Jin Liu, stated that we could see an artificial intelligence operating system this year. The Hong Kong-based company, which aims to differentiate itself in the artificial intelligence market, appears to have stepped up its efforts to become a frontrunner in smart technologies.

Lenovo has its sights set on the artificial intelligence pie

lenovo ai pc

Lenovo was more active in software last year than it has been in a long time, and artificial intelligence strategy continued to develop. The company is now focused on developing an artificial intelligence operating system for artificial intelligence-based computers and personal assistant devices. The main idea here is that computers and other devices, use of our natural language It is shown to achieve the ability to understand the wishes we express. This way the devices will understand what we want to do and work better without us having to explain everything one by one.

Lenovo has this feature first artificial intelligence computers It is expected to hit shelves in the first half of this year. These devices are designed to be super intuitive and can also understand users’ intentions. There will be artificial intelligence on the system and because it does not need to be constantly connected, the user can maintain privacy more easily.

Lenovo will not only create and support a new AI operating system of a large ecosystem will also enable its emergence. The company focuses not only on producing cool technology, but also on changing the technology that is an important part of our daily lives. If successful, Lenovo’s artificial intelligence operating system Microsoft Windows 11 It can challenge giants like these and force the entire structure of operating systems to change.

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