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Xbox will reveal its future on February 15

The last few weeks have been very, very busy rumors and leaks about Microsoft’s Xbox plans, and I’m not just talking about consoles, I’m also talking about the already huge catalog of games from development studios owned by the company. Let’s not forget that in the last few years Microsoft has become very strong in this market, mainly thanks to the purchases firstly of Zenimax in 2020 and much more recently of Activision Blizzard King, not to mention other smaller but undoubtedly successful ones like Mojang.

In these times also managed to write a success story with Xbox Game Passits subscription service, which, despite initial skepticism from many, has shown that this mode, previously seen in the world of music and video, is also suitable for the world of video games, and therefore there are many people (myself included) for whom access to a wide and varied catalog for a reasonable monthly fee seems like a great option.

But things are not going so well if we talk about exactly what gives the whole division its name games from Microsoft, i.e. on the console. During its successive generations, the Xbox faced the PlayStation, but it wasn’t until the third generation, the Xbox 360, that it came to seriously confront the PlayStation 3. Then came the Xbox One and… well, I guess the thick veil would be better.

Especially since the ABK purchase was completed and the huge “review” that Sony gave Microsoft with the current generation came out. many questions hung in the air: Will there be a next generation Xbox? What will happen to Microsoft’s exclusive consoles? What are the future plans for Game Pass? Society is at a difficult crossroads and, as always in these cases, we navigate a sea of ​​doubt.

However, it looks like we will start getting answers very soon and as we can see on his account from Twitter, Microsoft has announced a special edition of the Xbox podcast in which Phil Spencer, together with other executives, will talk about the future of this business unit of the company. Although we don’t know if it will be broadcast live or pre-recorded, we’re told it will be available starting next year Thursday, February 15 at 9:00 p.m. (Peninsula Spanish Time).

As it turned out in recent days, Spencer himself would reassure the Division staff and let them know that Yes, there are future plans for the console, in response to speculation to the contrary, which has grown exponentially since it became known that the company was considering porting some previously Xbox-exclusive titles to other platforms. One of the most mentioned titles in this regard is Starfield, but the list could be much longer.

This is evident Microsoft made a huge financial investment to get such a wide catalog of gamesbut with PlayStation doubling Xbox sales this generation, betting on exclusive games doesn’t seem like a winning formula for the console, and it also means giving up huge potential sales and opening up its titles to other platforms. Will the bullets go there? It seems pretty likely, but we’ll know for sure in three days.

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