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French scientists introduced the world’s most powerful MRI scanner


The French Commission for Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy Sources (CEA) has shown the first images taken by the Iseult MRI scanner. The device, located at the commission’s research center near Paris, is much more powerful than an ordinary MRI scanner.

He had already presented ultra-detailed images of the human brain, which were even shared by French President Emmanuel Macron, Ukrinform reported, citing BFMTV.

“This is the most accurate brain image ever obtained, thanks to the most powerful CEA MRI scanner in the world. This is a major breakthrough and great hope for researching our health. Congratulations to the team.” Iseult project. An iconic project!” – President Emmanuel Macron reacted on your page.

Magnetic resonance imaging device will help to better understand how the brain works and to make progress in the treatment of some neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases in the future.

More recently, in 2021, CEA researchers tested tomography on a pumpkin before health officials cleared it for human studies.

Nikolay Bulan, scientific director of the research center, said, “We had to prove to health institutions that such an intense magnetic field does not affect health.”

Over the past few months, twenty healthy volunteers consented to have their brains examined.

According to physicists and scientists, the magnetic field of this unusual magnet reaches 11.7 T (tesla), which makes it possible to obtain images 10 times more accurate than those currently created in hospitals where the power of MRI scanners does not exceed 3 Tesla.

It takes only 4 minutes to obtain a detailed result, compared to several hours that would have to be spent for the same accuracy on a traditional scanner.

In the pictures you can see tiny vessels feeding the cerebral cortex or details of the cerebellum that were almost invisible until now.

“We will now be able to better understand the relationship between the structure of the brain and cognitive functions, for example, when reading a book or doing mental arithmetic,” says Nikolay Bulan.

At the center of the MRI machine, there is a 90 cm wide hole in the 132-ton magnet, which consists of a coil with a current of 1,500 amperes, placed in a cylinder of 5 meters length and the same height, through which the human body can enter. to place. This is a technical achievement, the result of a French-German partnership that required more than 20 years of research.

“The device is not intended to be a clinical diagnostic tool, but we hope that the knowledge gained can be applied in hospitals,” emphasizes Nikolay Bulan.

New healthy volunteers for the next tests need to be recruited by the end of summer. The brains of sick patients will not be examined for several years.

According to Ukrinform’s report, Elon Musk said that Neuralink company has successfully implanted a chip into the human brain for the first time. “The first person to get a chip from Neuralink is doing just fine,” Musk wrote on X.

The photo is self-explanatory

Source: Ukrinform



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