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Xiaomi’s SU7 electric vehicle turned the company’s plans upside down with its success


How many when you are successful Are all your plans disrupted by your success? Chinese manufacturer in this regard Xiaomis Maybe he has something to say. SU7, the company’s first electric car, managed to turn all the manufacturer’s plans upside down, thanks to the great interest it received upon its release.

In the original plan 3000 vehicles per month The Chinese manufacturer, which aims to produce this number and gradually expand it to 6,000 by the end of the year, shelved all its plans and increased its production capacity to meet the incoming demand. 10,000 cars per month He announced that he had removed it. The production process will mainly focus on high-end variants.

The delivery time can be up to 7 months

Xiaomi Motors’ statement said that production was not at a sufficient level and that the company was “doing its best to increase production capacity to speed up deliveries.” Currently for delivery of SU7 models Between 19 weeks and 32 weeks It is stated that there is a wait time. This equates to approximately 7 months for those who will wait the longest.

Xiaomi’s electric vehicle, only in the first 24 hours with 88 thousand 898 units managed to achieve a large sales figure. This was also reflected in the Hong Kong stock market, where the company’s shares rose 15%. Trading under the motto “People X Car X House” Xiaomihas made a promising start in the automotive industry.

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