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This is what you pay for the Windows 10 Extended Security program


If you don’t want to make the switch to Windows 11 yet, you can sign up for the three-year Windows 10 licensing program starting in October 2024, which costs $61 per device annually.

Microsoft introduced the Windows 10 Extended Security program last year, which will allow users to extend the life of Windows 10 by three years for a fee starting in October 2024. Microsoft has now announced the prices for this extension in a blog post. You pay $61 per device for the first license year and the same for the following two years. Microsoft does not provide any feature updates in this program except for security. After three years, the program ends irrevocably.

These are the prices

Microsoft has announced pricing for the Windows 10 Extended Security program, which will be available starting October 2024. In the first year of licensing, users pay $61 per device. The same amount is added for each additional year: in the second year it costs $122 and in the third year it costs $183. Users who join from the second or third year also pay for previous years.

Business Windows 365 customers who use their Windows 10 devices to stream Windows 11 from the cloud can download the updates for free, according to Microsoft. Customers who use Microsoft management tools themselves can also sign up for the Windows 10 license and receive security updates through the management tools. Microsoft says it offers a discount for this.

According to Microsoft, the paid security updates for Windows 10 are not a long-term solution. This is only an interim measure and will not include updates for new features, except for security risks. The company primarily wants to support customers in switching to Windows 11. Support for Windows 10 will finally end in October 2025.

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