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Images left behind by the Taiwan earthquake | Photo


He Magnitude 7.2 earthquake hits Taiwan left strong images about how they lived This is a natural phenomenon of the inhabitants of the island.

At least nine people died821 were injured and 28 buildings completely collapsed or partially after the earthquake, which has already left more than 150 aftershocks of varying strength.

Photo: EFE

President-elect and current Vice President of Taiwan William Lai (Lai Ching-te) visited Hualien County (southeast)the area most affected by the strong earthquake, and promised a full package of assistance to those affected.

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Speaking in front of one of the collapsed buildings in Hualien, Lai said the most important task now is to rescue trapped or missing people -127, according to the latest official data, and ensure that the wounded receive adequate medical care, according to a statement released by the island’s presidential office.

Photo: EFE

An earthquake whose magnitude was 7.2 according to the Central Weather Agency (CWA) Taiwan and 7.4, according to the US Geological Survey, occurred at 7:58 on Wednesday (2358 GMT Tuesday) in the sea, namely 25 kilometers southeast of Hualien County.

This earthquake is the worst thing Taiwan has suffered since September 21, 1999, when a magnitude 7.6 earthquake killed 2,416 people.

Photo: EFE

The Taiwan Meteorological Center, which issued a tsunami warning, considered that the risk no longer existed and removed it.

Taiwan is located at the junction of the Philippine and Eurasian plates, so Earthquakes often occur on the island.

Photo: EFE

(according to information from EFE and Europe Press)

Source: Aristegui Noticias



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