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US vetoes Palestinian accession to UN


This Thursday, the US Security Council vetoed a resolution that opened the door to entry Palestine as a full member of the United Nations, in which it is now only an observer state.

The resolution was submitted by Algeria on behalf of the Arab Group of the United Nations, and It received 12 votes in favor, compared with two abstentions (the United Kingdom and Switzerland) and a vote against from the United States.which underscored the US’s isolation from much of the international community.

Even countries that have been controversial during previous speeches (such as France, Japan, Korea and Ecuador) Finally they joined the Palestinian request.

Having exceeded the 9 votes required for its approval, The only thing left was a veto to stop the resolution.The United States has already announced this Thursday that it will use this prerogative in favor of its ally Israel, which is categorically against the creation of a Palestinian state.

This is the fourth time since October 7 last year that US uses veto power in favor of Israel: Before April 18, he vetoed three resolutions calling for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, arguing that they did not recognize Israel’s right to self-defense or that a truce would only serve to rearm Hamas.

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The resolution aroused enormous expectations, and in fact, the heads of diplomatic departments of Spain, Iran, Algeria, Jordan, Malta, Brazil, Bolivia and Colombia, as well as representatives of sixty other countries, came to New York. all of them in support of the Palestinian request.

Like Israel, the US argues that a Palestinian state must be achieved through bilateral negotiations with Israel, and do not impose unilaterally.

To this end, Palestinian Presidential Envoy Ziad Abu Amr recalled this Thursday before the Security Council that This is how Israel entered the UN: Result of Resolution No. 181, voted on in 1948 and has been a full member state ever since. (EFE)

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