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Meta AI launched: many artificial intelligence features in one package for free!


There has been a lot of interest in artificial intelligence lately. Metahas announced its system that will bring environmental sensing capabilities to the smart accessories and home robots we use. This is quite revolutionary thanks to technology The company showed that even smart glasses can have visual memory and how this can benefit everyday life.

While the company explains its long-term plans, it doesn’t ignore its short-term plans for artificial intelligence. Because the company’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, whose moves we heard last week Meta AI assistant And llama 3 the model announced. Llama 3, which is said to be the company’s most capable language model yet, also supports Assistant.

Meta AI Assistant is always free in your pocket and on your computer.

Meta AI, which will gradually become available worldwide; Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger It can be used in all applications. You can ask Meta AI for advice, ask math questions, use itself as a consultant, or simply; “indifferent‘If you have friends, you can ask them to decide where to go.

The service is also available on the computer are accessible The company also launched the meta.ai site. Although it is not yet accessible in our country, when it is distributed it will find many users. When you log in to your account, you also have the option to save chats. The assistant answers your questions using real-time data.

What we have come to expect from Midjourney /to suggest It is also possible to create images with the command. You can even put text in the images. Moreover, it is possible to animate the images you create. Meta AI aims to be the most advanced and free artificial intelligence tool that anyone can use worldwide. But as we said, it’s being rolled out gradually. How did you find this assistant?

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