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Spotify: The company aims to reach $100 billion in revenue within 10 years

Last Wednesday, June 8th Spotify stated that he expects to receive income in the amount of $100 billion (annually) over the next 10 years. AT 2021was registered revenue $11.4 billion – that is, it will be necessary to expand in almost 10 times the current base. Second Daniel Ek, executive president streaming audio:

Spotify is going to set these goals pretty boldly and we’re going to go for them because that’s how we see the world and after that we’re going to invest.

Netflix HUB: Spotify launches track page for original streaming series and movies
The HUB features songs from Stranger Things, Elite, Sintonia, Heartstopper and more.

Last Wednesday afternoon (8) the company’s shares rose by 5.8% immediately after the period in which lost 53% of their market value in 2022. Ok began presentation nearly four o’clock during the day for investors trying to redefine perceptions Wall Streetand commented: “some might also think we’re in bad business, or at least bad margin business for the foreseeable future.”

The high costs of creating their own platforms for audiobooks as well as podcasts were one of the main reasons why they failed to achieve their long-term goals. He was invested over $1 billion in podcastingnow waiting for the recipe podcast increase significantly during 2022 – compared with US$ 215 million collected in 2021. The CEO expects this segment to generate margin between 40% as well as fifty%. As for audiobooks, can reach limits above 40%. How much time will be given to the company to achieve results, not reported.

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And speaking of the next decade, Spotify plans to introduce new content with the potential to increase average revenue per user, according to Alexander Nordstrom, technical manager, who concluded by saying: the platform is on the way to achieving its 1 billion users by 2030 – after 8 years.

05/26/2022 at 20:00

Wake up Pedrinho: meet the band behind the music…

The piece reached number one on Spotify Brazil.

Continuation after commercial

In the first quarter of this yearthe total number of active individuals in an ecosystem increased by 19%, reaching the mark in 422 million for first time.


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