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Meta has 6 features for Reels on Instagram and Facebook

Links from Facebook and Instagram.  (Photo: Goal)
Links from Facebook and Instagram. (Photo: Goal)

purpose continues to work so that its users have all possible options to play with all available features.

And that’s it threads found massive acceptance among consumers, Some of them continue to find ways to take more and more advantage of the audiovisual format Social networks Very popular. and with that in mind, Meta now offers users new features to enhance Reels

New tools that Meta is launching in Reels

Users definitely need new features in them applications Favorites. Otherwise, they will die without renewal by staying in one place for a long time. Fortunately, the most popular platforms have been able to more or less adapt to the improvements we are talking about.

Today is a special day for Meta as users will now have Six new features to enjoy with Reels, As indicated by A advertisement on the meta page itself.

The first concerns using stickers, Especially the ones that are trending Instagram. Yes, Infobae refers to the option ‘It is your turn’, A feature where you can reply to a story with a photo similar to the one the creator asked to be posted on your profile as a reply.

Your turn prompts other users to respond to the thread in their stories.  (Photo: Xataka Mobile)
Your turn prompts other users to respond to the thread in their stories. (Photo: Xataka Mobile)

Another one that will be useful Content creators together The new metrics have finally hit Stories. This will measure their reach and influence to see which content is successful.

Another way to measure the success of not only Reel, but the creator new stars It is similar to different elements TikTokWhere users give advice to their favorite creators.

The big news coming to the meta doesn’t stop there, and this is it Users will be able to use other people’s links Thanks to the function Remix. This will help you create more creative content and give you answers and challenges so you can listen to a different version or watch the original.

Remixes can now be recorded with both cameras
Remixes can now be recorded with both cameras

If a Reel is uploaded to Instagram, it can also go to Facebook

The meta wants to use the full power of Reels wherever it spreads. And proof that you’ll get your chance soon Create a unique link that can be shared Facebook and Instagram.

This will help you avoid posting the same content multiple times, but there is another feature that will save you time. And they are Memories from Facebook and archived Instagram Stories that can be used to automatically generate a new unique Reel.

Rails on Instagram.  (Photo: WWWwhat's New)
Rails on Instagram. (Photo: WWWwhat’s New)

This is how you can react to Stories with your Instagram avatar

If you don’t have an avatar, you can Enter this note For a detailed guide. Once you’re ready, all you have to do is when a user sees a story they want to reply to, click bottom text bar, As if you were going to leave a comment for that person.

You will be taken to the post comment screen to respond to the story. At the top you will see reactions and some tabs at the top. All you have to do is click on the tab Avatar which will appear next to Emojis.

Reply to the story with an avatar.  (Photo: Instagram/Jose Arana)
Reply to the story with an avatar. (Photo: Instagram/Jose Arana)

You’ll find emojis that react the same way, but take the shape of the avatar you create, so they’re more personalized reactions. Here, now you just have to Click on the avatar you want to react with.

When a user responds, animations appear in the Story as an indication that a response has been sent.

Appreciate that this animation is created with a chosen avatar and emotes. The reaction will now appear in chat with this account as a story, Like the rest of the reactions.

Reply to the story with an avatar.  (Photo: Instagram/Jose Arana)
Reply to the story with an avatar. (Photo: Instagram/Jose Arana)

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