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According to Ashley Madison of the social network, casual sex helps us overcome a love breakup

Sex without commitment contributes to the dissolution of love
Sex without commitment contributes to the dissolution of love

Ending a love relationship is not something that is usually easy for most people because of the feeling of a duel. on the contrary, Ashley Madison, a platform for people with a partner, concluded in a study that sex can help overcome the breakup of love.

Since its foundation in 2001, the social network Dedicated to connecting married people for secret sexual adventures, without losing the stability of the marriage.

Casual Sex to Beat the Ace (Shutterstock)
Casual Sex to Beat the Ace (Shutterstock)

The 84% of users of this app agree that casual sex helps them lead a healthy lifestyleFull of self-care and love, in addition to working as an escape from the routine.

Likewise, sexologist and coordinator of the Sexuality and Couple Working Group of the Official College of Psychology of Catalonia and director of Placer ConSentido, Lara Castro claims that meeting new people and giving yourself the opportunity to experiment with new partners in bed will help you feel more secure. and people’s confidence.

On the other hand, no-tie sex isn’t going to make you forget your lost partner, but it does have therapeutic functions, at least that’s what a University of Missouri study led by psychologist Lynn Cooper assures us. Because the results showed that of the 170 college students surveyed who had recently ended a romantic relationship, 35% had casual encounters as a way to escape grief.

According to Ashley Madison, sex helps to get over an ex-partner (Gettyimages)
According to Ashley Madison, sex helps to get over an ex-partner (Gettyimages)

But there is something interesting Another 25% of respondents indicated that they used it sex As a form of revenge against a former partnerHowever, research suggests that in this type of context, the main purpose of this type of intimacy would be to develop a romantic breakup.

Similarly, Ashley Madison conducted another study, which, according to the company’s CEO for Latin America, Christoph Kremer, concluded that “our members’ experiences of going outside and meeting different people show positive effects, such as increased self-confidence, improved sex life. and mood. Members also say that having secondary partners has met needs that were previously unmet.

Getting Over a Breakup Doesn't Have to Have Sex (Shutterstock.com)
Getting Over a Breakup Doesn’t Have to Have Sex (Shutterstock.com)

You might think that having sex outside of an engagement or very recently after a breakup would lead to feelings of guilt, but survey results show that 68% of women who use Ashley Madison don’t feel bad about being with someone other than their primary partner.

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