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It’s everywhere, from the device you’re reading this on to the paint on the wall: what exactly is copper, where in Turkey is it mined?

Even if we don’t realize it, we have spent most of our lives using copper or for a job. to copper we have needed. Copper element found in many areas, especially in the energy sector often used. Copper, which has been most effective in the energy sector, has also shown its effect in sectors that we could never predict until now, even hundreds of years ago, where people preferred it for different purposes.

used in many fields element copper We wondered and studied. In addition, we also discussed how important the copper element is used in today’s industries and what crises could arise as a result of the depletion of copper mines around the world. All come together what is copper?Let’s take a look at the answers to questions like, what is its use, areas of use and how much copper reserves there are in the world. Let’s get on with our content without further ado if you wish.

What is copper, what is it for, where is it extracted? Areas of use:

What is copper?
What does copper do?
All uses of copper
Where is most copper in the world found?
In which regions is copper found in Turkey, where is it mined?
Why is copper so important to us?

Let’s start with the basics, what is copper?

what is copper?

Located in the 4th period of the periodic table, group 1B of the element copper atomic number 29 and symbol C known as. The color of the element copper is a mixture of red and orange and is usually found on top of mines, around landfills and in many more accessible places. If we don’t count the element gold in our periodic table, copper has managed to become the only metal in the table whose natural color is not silver.

One of the oldest minerals in the periodic table. Buyer, dates back to ancient times. It is even said that the element copper was the first metal found. Copper occurs in nature in a free and metallic form. First used as a substitute for stone by Neolithic people in 8000 BC, copper has gone through very different processes to this day. Alloying copper with tin as bronze first appeared in Mesopotamia. Copper was very different from today’s use in years past. The copper mine, which you can find quite pure in nature, was formed at that time with the help of hammers and various tools. However, people made their everyday utility tools with copper.

So what does copper do?


  • It is used in the construction of electronic household appliances.
  • It is used in the manufacture of technological devices and telecommunication products.
  • It is used in the construction of machines used in the industrial field.
  • It is used in industrial equipment.
  • Used in transportation vehicles and exterior coatings

Copper is one of the most useful elements in terms of its physical and chemical properties. The main reason why copper is so much preferred and prevalent in many areas is, high electrical – thermal conductivity provide and stainless that it has a structure.

All areas of application of copper:


  • In the electrical industry, especially in wire and cables
  • in the automotive industry
  • in the industrial sector
  • in the building sector
  • in the transport sector
  • In the industrial hardware industry
  • in the chemical industry
  • In the jewelry industry
  • Paint industry

As we said above, copper is primarily: in the electricity sector in many sectors that we know or have worked so far. Although it is a common element, it is most widely used in the electricity sector worldwide. Copper, which is preferred for its corrosion resistance and conductivity, is even found in automotive transmission systems. In other words, we can say that we have definitely come into contact with the element copper, even though we have not noticed it until now.

In the automotive sector, the copper element, which is found in many equipment in vehicles, also occupies a large role in the industrial and construction sectors. Copper, which is preferred for its ease of use, expansion function, hard corrosion, antibacterial and many other reasons, is the most important. maximum energy efficiency offers. However, having a very solid structure reveals important details such as pressure resistance.

Where is most copper in the world found?

copper reserve

  • Chile – 5.7 million tons
  • Peru – 2.2 million tons
  • China – 1.7 million tons
  • Congo – 1.3 million tons
  • US – 1.2 million tons

These are the countries with the highest copper content in the world. Most copper in the world, with 19 million inhabitants Chili national This country, located in South America, has more copper content than even the largest countries in the world. Peru is right behind with 2.2 million tons of copper, followed by China, one of the largest countries in the world.

Well, in which regions is copper found in Turkey, where is it mined?

Copper Reserves in Turkey

  • artvin
  • Kastamonu
  • elazig
  • Rize
  • Balikesir
  • Kastamonu
  • Sirit

The copper element, which is mainly found in these regions of our country, satisfies the copper requirement of Turkey. 20 per centIt covers part of it. In our country, copper reserves are widely created in Southeast Anatolia and the Black Sea regions, and we can say that these copper deposits are very important.

Conclusion: Why is copper so important to us?

the importance of copper

We said that the copper element provides only 20 percent of our country’s needs. However, copper, which is found in dozens of industries and which we often use in our daily lives, is also very beneficial for human health. worldwide amount of copper decreases, most sectors can come to a standstill, the first of which are appliances with electrical equipment. Currently, our world is on the brink of a copper crisis and we have shared the details about it in our news. The decline in the amount of copper in the world is leading to the cessation of production in very important sectors, especially in electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers and the automotive sector. This underpins a fairly major crisis that could be happening around the world.

Discovered for you centuries ago and still widely used for various purposes to this day. what is copper? and yet where is copper mined? and areas of use of copper We have answered all questions such as: Copper is used in dozens of industries today. What do you think of the element copper? Don’t forget to share with us in the comments.

Source: Web Tekno



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