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ASML presents Hyper-NA EUV machines

ASML is already working on a successor to the...

The big challenge of smartwatches that Apple Watch Series 8 will join: measure our body temperature well

Smart watches have been developing rapidly in the healthcare field in recent years. The latest addition to these devices is the body temperature sensor. It suggests everything we’ve seen on the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 or Amazfit GTR 3 Pro recently and we’ll see in the new Apple Watch Series 8.

The decision of these big companies seems clear: Standardize such sensors to collect more health data with smartwatches. It’s such a thing we’ve seen it in the past with heart rate sensors and even oxygen saturation sensors. The end result is a watch that can measure all vital signs while blood pressure is still on standby.

Are these temperature sensors reliable?

This is one of the big questions users can ask when using this kind of technology that will reach hours. We are all accustomed to knowing if we have a fever since childhood. axial or tympanic thermometers and even the earliest thermometers will have used mercury ones. Now, however, the use of infrared thermometers may become much more standardized in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Body temperature

As shown in different studies, the results of these measurements are indeed accurate. remember the body is not at absolute zero (0 °N), so it constantly emits energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation. Some of this energy emitted by the body is in the infrared spectrum, which the sensor in these new watches can measure.

Specifically, to capture this type of energy A lens system is used to capture the energy and convert it into electrical energy via a detector. After processing the signal, it will be possible to generate a measurement of the body temperature at which the measurement is made via the smartwatch. Thanks to such algorithms and sensors, it will be possible to obtain a measurement, although not always precise.

Such measurements have an uncertainty, so the result is in no case 100% accurate.

Such measurements there is always a range of uncertainty. That is, it depends on the type of calibration the manufacturer performs and will be reported through the manuals, there will be a difference between the results. For example, if the instrument has an accuracy of ±0.2 °C and the thermometer rotates 37°, the actual temperature will vary between 36.8 °C and 37.2 °C.

In other words, although it is always recommended to make comparisons in general, we are talking about a system that can be quite sensitive in smart watches. For example, The infrared heart rate measurement was found to be quite accurate compared to the measurements taken from the heart rate monitor.. In this case, the same should be done by comparing the temperature displayed by the watch with the temperature obtained with a conventional thermometer.

Smart watches keep moving forward to know what’s going on in your body

When coming to a medical center or hospital, it is quite common for the patient to take their vital signs to make a preliminary diagnosis. Among these constants Measurement of heart rate, oxygen saturation, temperature, blood pressure and glucose measurement can be highlighted.. While it has been possible to transfer the first two constants to smartwatches so far, it’s time to control the temperature.

The first two constants can determine whether there is a heart or even respiratory problem in the body. Now an hour will make a leap To determine whether an organism is actually going through a common infectious process. This is fundamental once a pandemic has passed, as we’ve been able to learn that some viral infections can be deadly and sometimes we don’t even know we’re presenting them. They can go to the doctor for examination with a warning that warns users that they have a body temperature above 37.5 °C.

Body temperature

Because as with other sensors, you always have to pick them up with tweezers. A true diagnosis of a heart, respiratory problem or even an infection in the body should be done by healthcare professionals.

But that’s not all the advantages of this temperature sensor. Unfortunately, there are many people in our society who are undiagnosed hypochondriacs, and this combined with a rather poor medical culture can create real panic. In some people’s minds, having a temperature of 37°C is already synonymous with fever. But it is not so because Up to 37.5 °C is considered a normal temperature, especially in the afternoon.

Therefore, it is recommended that such sensors come with responsible software. This means it offers the best possible information. knowing how to interpret the temperature and not getting a notification because it exceeds 0.1°C above 37 degrees.

What is clear is that technology has advanced significantly in the medical field. The most important thing about it is telemedicine, where significant investments are made in the future. Taking these constants with a clock and May future automatically sent to the doctor for interpretationand big companies are contributing as we’ve seen.

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