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According to Google Trends, the most curious film actor in Turkey so far: Kemal Sunal

Sharing the rising search trends in the world and by countries, Google continues to share interesting information on Turkey’s official Twitter account, which it recently opened. Now, in a post about Kemal Sunal, the most wanted and curious movie actor in Turkey, Google took many users on a journey full of memories.

Google Turkey regularly gives way to Google Trends results, which allow you to discover the most curious topics both in the world and in Turkey on its official Twitter account, which it recently opened. Now he made a post announcing the most wanted and curious movie actor in Turkey to date.

According to Google Trends, Yeşilçam’s master artist Kemal Sunal, who left his mark in Turkish film history in 2000 and continues to be viewed with laughter by everyone from 7 to 70, is Turkey’s most searched-for film actor on Google to date. Google Turkey’s official Twitter account was the first to ask users, “Who do you think is the most curious movie actor of all time in Turkey?” The question managed to grab the attention of users in a short time.

Google explained with a second part that Kemal Sunal is the most curious movie actor yet, taking its users to the colorful memories of Yeşilçam. According to Google Trends, the Google Turkey Twitter account allows users to access posts on many of Turkey’s most curious topics. For the most curious movie actor, the most curious recipe of 2021 and the most wanted horoscope were also shared with the users. You can discover other popular trends by following the route to the Google Trends website.

Source: (BHA) – Beyaz News Agency

Source: Haber Safir



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