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Logitech previews its console for gaming mobile

Torniamo a parlare della console portable Logitech molto analogy a Steam Deck to Nintendo Change. The device was officially announced at the beginning of August from the same company. Dopo quasi un mese ecco outfit in Anteprima le main images of the device. Queste sono status initially announced Evan explosion (noto ai più for reliability). However, the sono per copyright status has been eliminated. this boundary but could not recover. See details.

See Le prime immagine della console portable simil-Switch di Logitech sono online. Here’s what to expect for the end of 2022

A giudicare branch leak, termini di form factor, il dispositivo Logitech Looks like Nintendo Switch: same due stick and a D-pad, tiggers at the top end of the case and traditional X/Y/A/B buttons on the right. Also, we can see one memory card slotnot knowing the sound and volume level.

console portable logitech

UI shows icon per image Google Play storeServices Xbox Cloud Gaming

, NVIDIA GeForce Now to Steam (remote reproduction). Also, the icon is not Chromium to YouTube suggericono l’uso del firmware basato su Android. Other elements of the user interface include a “gallery” of five navigation sections in the upper left corner and a clock icon, the status of the wireless module (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi), and the remaining battery.

console portable logitech

At the moment, the technical specifications of the Logitech mobile console are still unknown. According to Indiscrezioni, the personalized gaming chip Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x Gen 1, released last December, could be the “heart” of the device. Data on the possible release of the console by the producer has not yet been announced, but according to sources on the network, the presentation will take place. entro la fine di quest’anno.

It is unnecessary to give information about the price of the Logitech console. However, first ci aspettiamo competition power with Nintendo Switch landscape la somiglianza in the design of termini di.

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