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Russia: increases use of kamikaze drones against Ukrainian forces

long conflict between Ukraine and Russia got another chapter. This time, the Ukrainian military says Russia has deployed more kamikaze drones against the country’s strategic artillery positions in the south of the region. Yuri IgnatThis was announced by the representative of the Air Force of Ukraine. Will assists the Russians in providing “several hundred» equipment in the segment for Moscow.

Last Tuesday (27) three Iranian drones were shot down by Ukraine when they attacked the area Nikolaev. For those who don’t know, drones are remotely controlled and launched at specific targets, exploding on contact. Nickname”kamikaze” Precisely because of the explained characteristic.

Not only air vehicles from Iran. vehicles Shahed-136, equally Iranian, were identified in attacks in Dnieper as well as Odessa, important industrial centers. Reports indicate that in the case of the drones, they were stylized in colors representing Russia. Vladimir ZelenskyThe President of Ukraine said that the presence of this equipment is part of “cooperation with evil” between the two countries – Russia and Iran.

Zelensky added:

Today, the Russian army used Iranian drones for their attacks. The world will find out about all cases of cooperation with evil and will have corresponding consequences.

(loans: AeroVironment)

Ukraine signed a contract for the use of the American kamikaze drone Switchblade 600

O Tehran declared its neutrality in the conflict, despite all the instructions of the Ukrainian armed forces. Jake SullivanUS national security adviser, said in August that Russian officials were acquiring Iranian drones. Washington in early September, he imposed sanctions against an Iranian airline that hypothetically made deals with Moscow. Evidence of cooperation between the two countries was backed up UK Department of Defense, who noticed that the Russians used Iranian technology in the war this month.

Tehran declared its neutrality in the conflict, despite all the instructions of the Ukrainian military.

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At the moment, Russia is investing more in its drones than in traditional missiles. Ukraine has also signed a contract to launch a similar system known as Switchblade 600, of North American origin. It was reported to be capable of using a warhead with a force comparable to an anti-tank missile. a spearwhich has enough power to destroy reinforced armor.

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Russia plans massive cyberattacks on Ukraine's infrastructure

Russia plans massive cyberattacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure
The country has already been the victim of two cyberattacks organized by Russia.

Source: AeroVironment, VEJA, twitter


Source: Mundo Conectado



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