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Signal to send Signal messages: app drops SMS messages


There was a time when all messaging apps wanted to manage your SMS, with Hangouts or Facebook Messenger as an example. The fire is out and the latest app to abandon this messaging protocol is Signal. support for Sending SMS messages from Signal will be removed in the coming months.

If you used Signal as your default messaging app on Android, time to go looking for alternatives, because soon Signal will only serve to send Signal messages. And there are good reasons for that.

Safe chat and nothing more

It’s not entirely uncommon for messaging apps, especially those that don’t have a large user base, to include support for SMS as a replacement for universal communication. He is in Signal because he was before Signal and SMS support went hand in hand with the app’s secure messaging. That way, even if no one uses Signal, they’re not left out of the conversation.

The problem is SMS messaging is not secure, Signal is an application whose main recommendation is exactly security. The app makes an accurate distinction between Signal and SMS messages, but this dichotomy is always more confusing from a usability standpoint, another reason they cited in their blog post where they discussed Signal’s decision to discontinue SMS.

Also the problem is that users can sometimes send SMS believing they are free Signal messages. latest phone bill surprises. These three reasons, along with the fact that SMS did not live up to its popularity as a means of communication among users, caused the app to eliminate SMS support.

SMS will disappear from Signal for Android in the coming months, as this functionality is not available on iOS. By the way, you have time Export your SMSAs well as convincing the people you’re chatting with this way to switch to Signal or any other messaging app you use if you don’t want to lose them.

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