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In partnership with Airbus, Samsung is supplying 400,000 hardened smartphones.

OUR Samsung confirmed partnership with airbus, a European aerospace and military company. The result of this agreement will be the distribution 400 thousand linear smartphones Galaxy with reinforced structure. The aim of the project is to offer the devices to employees of ministries of the interior and ministries of foreign affairs in a project called Radio network of the future (in French, Reseau Radio du Futur/RRF). The equipment will soon upgrade French security forces communications and replace narrowband networks with modern 4G and 5G mobile internet.

The equipment will modernize the communications of the French security forces, as well as replace narrow-band networks with 4G and even 5G.

Models will be: Galaxy xCover 6 Pro and tablet Galaxy tab active🇧🇷 Both have the same level of military certification: MIL-STD-810H🇧🇷 Approval is exactly what they are looking for in a partnership because it guarantees exceptional resistance to shock, vibration, sand, dust particles and drops from a maximum height of 1.5 meters directly onto concrete without the need for additional protective accessories.

🇧🇷Credits: Samsung Galaxy Xcover6 Pro / Disclosure)

Galaxy smartphones are ideal for tasks of the French security forces

The machines need a guarantee of durability as local security and rescue personnel regularly find themselves in dangerous situations. In addition to all these advantages, the products have Knox system data security. They will also receive software updates for up to three years.

The products are equipped with the Knox data protection system (…) and will receive software updates for three years.

Another resource, which may not be very useful to the general public, but is important for the specialists mentioned, is support for the way to use it as walkie-talkiein addition to being able to handle the screen with gloves🇧🇷

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Record: Samsung achieves download speeds of 1.75 Gbps at a distance of 10 km

Record: Samsung achieves download speeds of 1.75 Gbps at a distance of 10 km
The 5G network has reached a total of 2.75 Gbps and is already in use in some countries.

Via: Samsung (France) Source: GSM Arena, Terra


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