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Apple to pay multi-million fines to dissatisfied users

A federal judge in California has pre-approved Apple’s $50 million payment plan to settle a long-running class action lawsuit over compensation to owners of MacBooks with butterfly keyboards. This was reported by the MacRumors portal.

A class action lawsuit was filed against Apple in 2018. The plaintiffs sought damages for using a MacBook with a defective butterfly keyboard with stuck buttons.

He said the payment will cover $13.6 million in legal fees, $2 million in legal costs and $1.4 million in administrative costs for settlement. The remainder will already be distributed among the affected party.

The butterfly keyboard appeared on the 2015 and 2016 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops. The new technology was supposed to provide a better feel for the keys and their stability. But soon after the launch of devices with the new keyboard, users encountered a quick failure of the buttons.

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