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Turkish software developers and ophthalmologists developed a virtual reality system: no more fear of eye surgery!

Developed by Veni Vidi Eye Eye Health Center, one of the first centers that comes to mind in intraocular lens surgery and laser treatment; experience with laser eye surgery in a virtual reality environment NO TOUCH VR system is already ready for use.

Short-sighted, astigmatism It is now possible to reduce their fears by experiencing the pre-surgery moment in virtual reality. Details of this innovative system, a first in its field. We asked the experts:

1. Can the fear of surgery be significantly reduced with the experience of laser eye surgery in a virtual environment with No Touch VR? How did the first users react?

no touch v

The main purpose of No Touch VR is, To show the group of patients who want to undergo laser surgery but find laser surgery a scary operation, that these operations can be performed comfortably and easily.

Users who have experienced No Touch VR were surprised that the controls are really so short and comfortable, and most users post experience. They said their fear and anxiety had subsided.

2. Isn’t it possible for patients to reduce their anxiety by watching other patients’ surgeries?

vr glasses

No Touch VR simulation makes it possible to replace the patient. It allows the user to have the same experience from the angle the patient sees the laser device.

This way they see that the operation is completed in a short time and easily. In the final above the patients Anxiety and fear are reduced.

3. What exactly does the patient see when wearing the VR?

veni vidi eye

When our patients wear VR goggles, they are in the operating room. from 3 different angles get the chance to experience all surgical processes.

4. Is it possible to experience every eye operation with this technology, or only for some operations?

eye surgery

Our patients can now experience the No Touch Laser surgery, but we can show our other surgeries that are in the project phase. Our new work continues.

5. Is there a cost to experience No Touch VR?

veni vidi eye surgery

From our patients who want to experience No Touch VR we do not charge, They can experience it without being examined.

6. How long does the operation take on average?

eye surgery

The surgery is average for each eye. It takes between 1-2 minutes, The entrance and exit of the patient to the operating room takes no longer than 15 minutes in total.

7. Do you think the No Touch VR technology signed by Turkish engineers will spread all over the world over time?

eye surgery

First of all, this technology Proud to be a pioneer We think No Touch VR can be applied to all surgical processes around the world in time.

So do you want to give the NO TOUCH VR system a try?

Source: Web Tekno



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