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Mustafa Uyar, who brought Logitech to Turkey, became the manager of Logitech Europe


One of the most popular player equipment manufacturers in the world. logitechThere was an important promotion. Mustafa Uyar, who has been head of Logitech Turkey for 17 years, has been appointed head of marketing for Logitech Europe. Uyar, in all European countries from Logitech retail will manage.

Mustafa Uyar is a very important name for Logitech. 17 years agoUyar, who founded Logitech Turkey with a team of only 3 people, managed to make the company one of the most popular brands in Turkey. Mustafa Uyar was promoted to Logitech Emerging Markets Retail Channel Manager in 2021. one level higher.

Led 52 countries!

Mustafa Uyar will cover the UK, France and even Germany in his new role, which he will start on December 1, 2022. 52 countries will have passed. Uyar, already in his current position from 102 countries was responsible. Now he will lead 52 more developed countries and we hope he will continue to do as well as he has in the past.

Who is Mustafa Uyar?

Originally an electronics engineer Mustafa UjarHe completed his bachelor’s degree at Istanbul University, where he completed his master’s degree in International Business. Mustafa Uyar, who studied in the US alongside Sabancı University, continued his career in the sector. started 25 years ago. The businessman, who founded the Logitech Turkey office in 2005, has been working for Logitech ever since.

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