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Sony says Microsoft wants to turn it into Nintendo so it can’t compete with Xbox

There is no doubt that Sony is willing to do whatever it takes to prevent Microsoft from completing its purchase of Activision Blizzard. The Japanese company has already shown that it does not mind showing significant hypocrisy in trying to stop said purchase, but the truth is that this problem It’s getting out of hand.

One of the latest arguments Sony has made to Britain’s competition authority, known as the Competition Authority for Markets, is that Microsoft wants to turn it into a company like Nintendo, and that if it completes its purchase of Activision Blizzard and becomes with key franchises such as Call of Duty PlayStation will be “downgraded” and could no longer compete with the Xbox.

According to Sony, Microsoft wants to bring Sony down to Nintendo’s level by buying Activision Blizzard, a rather unfortunate argument which shows that Japanese society is losing direction, and more so there is nowhere to take.

We can’t deny that Activision Blizzard has big franchises under its belt and that Microsoft’s purchase of the company could affect PlayStation sales if Call of Duty becomes an Xbox and PC exclusive, but discrediting Nintendo in this way is an overstatement.

Sony forgets that the big N managed to sell more than 103 million units of Nintendo Switch from its launch in March 2017 to December 2021, while Microsoft sold 63.7 million Xbox One and Xbox Series SX consoles from November 2013 to December 2021.

This means that Nintendo has sold almost 40 million more consoles than Microsoft in less time, and he achieved it without having a single Call of Duty in the Nintendo Switch catalog, and the best is the aforementioned console It will eventually surpass the PS4 in sales even though it hit the market three years later, and as I said before, it achieves this without having to offer Call of Duty.

Sony may see Call of Duty as the foundational game for PlayStation’s success, but Nintendo is here to give you a harsh dose of reality and to remind you that the success of a console does not depend only on the game. The Big N has proven many things with the Nintendo Switcha console that eventually became one of the best-selling of its generation, competing head-to-head with the PS4 and Xbox One. Living in a parallel reality takes away from that.

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