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VOD news 17/22: ‘The Batman’, The Dark Knight returns to its beginnings

VOD news brings you the best news of the week on Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + … And more, although the truth is that the week was, with a few exceptions, a little weaker Bat-manwhich premiered in cinemas a month and a half ago, but has already reached the corresponding video-on-demand platform, which is none other than…

hbo max

As it is: HBO Max is regained an honorary place in the section Bat-manbut it’s not the only thing the service brings to its subscribers this week: watch out for the second season as well Stewardess If you liked the first one and don’t miss movies like daggers in the back either Principle if you haven’t seen them yet.


Bat-man is a new adaptation of the popular superhero DC and all that has been said so far is as it is: the character returns to his origins with a less explosive tone than Christopher Nolan’s Batman and less spectacular than der Zack Snyder, but more detective as you send the canon from Detective comics; and does so just a month and a half after the successful theatrical release, so it can be said that Warner Bros.

Director: Matt Reeves (Whopping, Dawn of the monkey world, war for the planet of the monkeys) and starring Robert Pattinson (Dusk, Principle, Lighthouse), Bat-man It doesn’t leave anyone indifferent and believe it or not, it’s already ranked as the best-rated film about Bat Man, just behind it dark Knight. Be that as it may, keep in mind what was said:Bat-man It gives a touch of the typical adventure of a character that was missing and it is possible that not everyone will like it.

More exclusive content:

  • Bill Maher: # Adulthood. “Bill Maher’s latest special, filmed at the Fillmore Theater, sees this acclaimed comedian and presenter stepping on stage and entertaining and devouring an hour of commentary on current events.”
  • endless train (T1). “Tulip, a wayward 13-year-old girl, finds a mysterious train where each car contains its own universe.”
  • Stewardess (T2). “A story about how life can change in one night. Cassandra Bowden, a flight attendant, wakes up in her hotel room with a hangover and a body beside her, but she can’t remember what happened.

Enter the catalog:

  • somewhere in Africa
  • Maja Bee: Honey Games
  • Country (T1-T3)
  • daggers in the back
  • what did we do wrong?
  • Sir Alex Ferguson: No surrender
  • Principle
  • Autumn without Berlin

Disney +

We continue with Disney +, which continues to pull moon knightbut it adds things to your catalog that might interest you, as well as premieres …

Polar Bear

Polar Bear It’s not a new Pixar movie about a bear in trouble, nor is it related to the Marvel or Star Wars universe. Nothing from this: Polar Bear is a new Disneynature documentary about … a polar bear, that’s right. And the truth is, it’s very beautiful, though a little sad.

More exclusive content:

  • Polar bear: how it was made. “Join Disneynature filmmakers ‘Polar Axis’ who face challenges about 500 km from the North Pole.”
  • The Dropout: The Rise and Fall of Elizabeth Holmes (T1). “Money. Love, tragedy. Cheated.” The Dropout “by executive producer Elizabeth Meriwether is the story of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos, an incredible story of ambition and fame that has turned terribly.”

Enter the catalog:

  • Alex Honnold: On the Amazon
  • Cadernos da Filipa
  • captivate the audience
  • When Billie found Lisa (Short)
  • The devil’s lawyer
  • Jaguar: phantom cat
  • The return of the panib longiband
  • king of kangaroos
  • the last man on earth (T1-T4)
  • gigantosaurus (T1)
  • System hacking (T1)
  • Alien invasion (T1)
  • Le Mans ’66
  • my big little farm
  • O da Joana
  • Duck adventure (T2)
  • Perfect harmony
  • Crazy at liberty in Hollywood

Video Amazon Prime

Wondering what’s new on Amazon Prime Video? A little of this and that, exclusively as a newcomer to the catalog. See e.g. Arifureta if you like anime.

Iosi, a penitent spy

We highlight the content, not only exclusive, but original, which Prime Video brings us this week Iosi, a penitent spy, a miniseries in Spanish that is not Spanish, and that the rest of the platform’s own versions are Spanish. But this one is Argentinian and basically doesn’t smell as moldy as the rest: a real-life spy story set in Argentina in the 1980s … Namely.

More exclusive content:

  • Better days (T1). Better Days is the story of a group of fathers and mothers who have just lost their partners and who, with the help of Dr. Laforet and her special grief therapy, will try to overcome the pain and move on in their lives.
  • In the yard of the little prince (Miniseries). “The beginnings of each episode will always be from Omar’s invitation to the character in question.”
  • Package (T2). “Following the disappearance of Blanca Ibarra, the gender crime team will join the new investigation.”

Enter the catalog:

  • Arifureta (T1)
  • Clown
  • From rust and bones
  • dheepan
  • Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence
  • For love and the earth
  • incompatible
  • Unfaithful
  • My blueberry nights
  • Philomena
  • Rare exports
  • Red state
  • Only God forgives
  • Program


Netflix is ​​still determined to sink – among other things – to feed its clientele with unsolicited content, even if there are exceptions, such as the second season Russian doll either Pacific Rim: No man’s landIn both cases, with promising starts, we hope to keep up.

Exclusive content:

  • Talks to the Assassin: John Wayne Gacy’s Tapes (T1). “He shared a table and a tablecloth with the elite. He subsisted on the most vulnerable. Beneath the smiling mask was the hideous evil of a sadistic serial killer. “
  • On Target: The Rise and Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch. “They wore the best. This paper examines the A&F pop phenomenon of the late 1990s and early 20th century and how exclusion was key to its success.
  • cardiac plug (T1). “Teenagers Charlie and Nick discover that their friendship can be much more than just struggling with school and love in this adolescence series.”
  • Kentaro is pregnant (T1). “The director of advertising, who thinks he understood all this, is forced to deal with social injustices he never thought of after his pregnancy.”
  • Kitty Zasca (T1). “Once they fight the monsters and defeat their opponents, Kitty and Orc need your help to cross Battle Island and become champions in this interactive adventure.”
  • Russian doll (T2). “Nadia is dying and reliving her 36th birthday. She is imprisoned in a time loop and sentenced to face her mortality. “
  • is not a word (T1). “When a young man disappears shortly after his friend’s death, life in the affluent Warsaw district begins to show cracks and reveal secrets and lies.”
  • Oprah + Viola Davis: Netflix Special Event. “Oprah Winfrey talks to Viola Davis about her” Finding Me “memoirs at this special event.”
  • Pacific Rim: No man’s land (T2). “When Kaiju ravages Australia, two brothers searching for their parents aboard Jaeger find new creatures, sinister characters and random allies.”
  • Guess what (T1). “He wants revenge on the organ traders who killed his wife. It was she who accepted his heart. When they fall in love, no one knows what unites them.
  • Inflection point. “A slacker who goes far to avoid conflict makes an unlikely friendship with a dangerous rapist who suddenly enters his life.”
  • Sunset: Golden Mile (T4). “The elite agents of the Oppenheim Group are selling luxury to well-to-do buyers in Los Angeles. Relationships set the agenda and often add more drama. ”
  • Everything is Gila. “Several Spanish comedians get on the stage, pick up the phone and repeat some of the most legendary monologues of the admired Miguel Gil to pay tribute to him.”
  • Yakamoz S-245. “When a disaster strikes the Earth, a marine biologist aboard an underwater research mission is trying to survive because the conspiracy comes to light.”

Enter the catalog:

  • gannet
  • Almost there
  • Athos
  • avenge the throne
  • cry babies magic tears (T1)
  • a song for you
  • Free Cuba
  • By Hel Van ’63
  • Doris
  • Development
  • Fashion chicks
  • first kiss
  • Global family
  • Golden age
  • Housewives are not
  • Jargo
  • War of Lügen
  • The curse of Robert’s doll
  • loving ibiza
  • Men on the bridge
  • modern slavery
  • Peter Lindbergh – Eye
  • Pollenge activity
  • Simone
  • Heimat sound
  • Spirit of Ball
  • The Curse of Halloween Jack
  • The Manson family massacre
  • Cabin murders in Utah
  • Faso tour
  • Private life
  • People’s own country
  • World market leader
  • womanhood

AppleTV +

And finally, as usual, Apple TV +, which this time brings a pair of documentary series that don’t look bad at all.

Exclusive content:

  • The Long Game: Beyond Basketball (T1). “Makur Maker was a young NBA candidate with a five-star rating, but an unexpected turn brought him to Howard University.”
  • They call me Magic Johnson (T1). “Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson is an iconic character who arose from very humble beginnings and ended up in the Dream Team and succeeded as an entrepreneur.”

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