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ASML presents Hyper-NA EUV machines

ASML is already working on a successor to the...

Smartphone Game: GameSir Introduces Cooling Controller with RGB LED

04/02/2022 at 19:18

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With a screen illuminated by about 30,000 mini-LEDs, the TV promises greater brightness, contrast and color saturation.

Millions of people play on smartphones every day, many of them end up easily adapting to the game by touching the screen, but many still prefer to use the usual physical controls and think about this audience, not this audience. GameSir develops gamepads for use with mobile phones and company announced today Game Sir X3, your new customizable smartphone control.

With the announcement, the company launched a campaign in indiegogo for a product that will cost $69 (about 319 reais) for the campaign, but the official starting price will be $99 (about 457 reais).

The new accessory will be released with support for smartphones android, offers a port connection USB-C and offering several novelties in relation to the previous model. The controller has built-in support for video games. android and major market streams such as xCloud and stadiums (not available in Brazil).

One of the main changes is the presence rear cooling system with RGB LED lightingso that during the game the temperature of the smartphone does not rise too high, the new control also makes it possible to change the buttons, something similar to what was done in the control Elite from Xbox, even allowing you to reposition the ABXY buttons. Watch the product announcement video below.

Launch of Amazon Luna, a new cloud-based game streaming solution

Continuation after commercial

new model, GameSir X3will replace GameSir X2 (we have a video showing it) the company’s current gamepad, which offers all the buttons that a standard controller has, such as Xboxand allows you to place your smartphone on its central support to enjoy games directly on your smartphone, the current version of models with USB-C and Lightningin addition to the edition that runs through Bluetooth.

Smells can greatly enhance the feeling of immersion in virtual reality

Smells can greatly enhance the feeling of immersion in virtual reality
The researchers used the Resident Evil 7 version and released special flavors for the players.

01/02/2022 at 12:50

Wordle, a successful social media game, is bought by Th…

The acquisition of the millionaire is aimed at increasing the number of newspaper subscribers. The game will remain free

This is not the first time the company has put a cooler in one of its accessories, last year we had F8 Pro Snowgon, is much simpler and serves to improve grip during play. Interested parties can now purchase the product directly on the IndieGogo platform for $69 (about R$319) + shipping, its standard selling price after the end of the campaign will be $99 (about R$319) 457).

Do you like new GameSir X3? Do you want to buy a new model? Share your opinion in the comments!

Netflix buys Boss Fight Entertainmentmen, its third game studio bought in 2022.

Continuation after commercial

Games like term.ooo for fun

Games like term.ooo for fun
The latest internet fever


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ASML presents Hyper-NA EUV machines

ASML is already working on a successor to the high-NA EUV machines it has on the market today. These are intended to further increase...


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