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First, a new WiFi vulnerability allows you to spy on the user’s location and movements.


First, a new WiFi vulnerability allows you to spy on the user’s location and movements.

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Unusual pace to not allow relay and network traffic due to Wi-Fi vulnerability. Unfortunately, technology always hides many mysteries and every day they discover “magagne” as they call it in Rome. Ultimate scope of duty and status, thanks to a study done at the American Carnegie Mellon University. Specifically, it was discovered that using traditional WiFi routers, it is possible to track users’ location and movement in an environment.

I router WiFi, even more traditional, can be adapted to spy on people. Ecco cosa è the emergence of a new rice producer

I’m doing researchAmerican Carnegie Mellon University A system using Wi-Fi determines the location and even the posture of a stanza. The experiment included a common TP-Link router and AI algorithms for signal analysis. A new vulnerability in the world of Wi-Fi could help protect Internet privacy. The technology is based on the assessment of the state of the Wi-Fi signal and interference in its path.

Using machine vision technology, the research determines a person’s position and location based on the “map” of the enterprise it creates. To simplify and speed up the creation of a 3D model, the researchers split an image of a human silhouette into 24 parts.

The images were then transformed using a 3D grid that coincided with the actual location of the person in the room. Scientists noted a significant advantage of this method compared to conventional cameras: it does not need lighting and can recognize the position of the body even if there are objects in the room that block the view. Plus, this surveillance method doesn’t require expensive equipment: a pair of routers worth $30 is all it takes.

The researchers agree that the tracking method they developed is still being improved, so it’s not yet commercially available. In the future, the new technology could even be useful in everyday life, for example as part of an alarm system that detects illegal entry into a home. This is not suitable for all reading coverage.

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