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Journalists declassify new details about Apple’s mixed reality helmet


Apple’s mixed reality (MR) helmet will be called Reality Pro and will support gaze and motion control. This was reported by a prominent insider, Mark Gurman, in new material for Bloomberg.

Gürman claims that Apple has been working on the MR helmet for over seven years. During all this time, more than 1,000 people were permanently involved in the project. According to the journalist, an army of developers over the years has created something that looks new and interesting, at least on paper.

The main feature of the innovation is the support of gaze control. In the 3D version of the iOS-like interface, you can select the program you want by just looking at its icon. You can confirm the start of the selected program or any other action by putting your thumb and forefinger together.

At the same time, Reality Pro will receive an analogue of the Digital Crown button from the Apple Watch, which is responsible for switching between VR and AR. When AR is enabled, the device’s external cameras are used. The image from them is displayed on high resolution Sony monitors built into the accessory.

Unlike the meta universe, Apple’s virtual communication spaces will use realistic user avatars, not cartoons. Gürman did not specify what exactly was meant by “realistic avatars”. However, he noted that they will only work in FaceTime and only in face-to-face chats. Creating realistic avatars takes a lot of computing power, so they won’t work in group video chats.

According to the informant, the new product will go on sale at the end of 2023 and cost around $3,000. The device is a “high-risk gamble” for Apple because the device is the first product since 2023 that is fundamentally new for the company. The launch of the Apple Watch in 2015. With the launch of the MR helmet, Apple aims to become a leader in the virtual reality market, currently dominated entirely by Meta.

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