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Neeva, the paid web search engine, is coming to Spain

It’s been almost a year and a half since we first heard about Neeva, a unique offering that seems to be moving forward. As we told you back then, Neeva differs from other search engines in a really unusual aspect because it is a paid service. Yes, in a market where both Google and all its competitors, especially Microsoft with Bing, are free and supported by advertising, this service is supposed to be an alternative.

Its creators, former employees of Google, define their design with a phrase that is quite clear: “Search without corporate influence.”. They want to take advertising out of the equation so that all the results that are shown to the user are those that deserve to be featured, not those that have paid to be featured and get attention. users and especially the most careless ones who access these records without realizing that they are advertising.

If you’re one of those people who are attracted to Neev’s proposal, we have two pieces of good news for you. The first is that the service is already available in SpainIn other words, it already has a specific representation for our market. The second is that you can try the extra service without having to pay a single euro, from has a free plan. With a few restrictions yes, but free.

If you opt for a free account, you’ll be able to do unlimited searches with the service, searches that are always private and blocked from tracking. However, you will have a maximum of fifty monthly searches without inserting ads, while paid accounts will never see them. Neeva also lets you connect and search email, document, and calendar services, but a private account only lets you connect to one service, and you’ll also be limited to the number of devices you can set up and use your account on.

On the other hand, with a payment account, these restrictions disappear and in addition The subscription also includes a password manager and a VPN, which makes the design as a whole much more interesting. The price of a monthly subscription is 5.99 euros, but the annual contract has a 30% discount, so the monthly fee is reduced to 4.17 euros, which, yes, you will have to settle for an annual payment of 49.99 euros.

With the inclusion of a password manager and VPN, it seems more likely that users may be encouraged to pay to use Neeva, otherwise paying solely for a privacy-focused, ad-free browser, as interesting as it may seem, doesn’t seem to fit the current consumer criteria very well . However, with such a complete package, we may find ourselves in front of a variant with a possible commercial route.

Source: Muy Computer



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