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Ubisoft+ is giving away a month of GeForce Now

With Stadia dead and buried, the competition is chasing the users Google is leaving homeless, and it’s doing as well as it could with hooky deals like the one at hand, even if it’s somewhat sui generis for coming from where it comes from and offering what it offers.

We’re talking about Ubisoft+, the French entertainment giant’s gaming platform, which is taking advantage of the disappearance of the Google platform – just a week ago today, Stadia stopped working – relying on GeForce Now to attract users. Them? We’re giving away a free month of NVIDIA subscriptions.

Characteristic, Ubisoft+ is giving away one month of GeForce Now priority subscriptionthis is the standard subscription, which costs 9.99 euros per month and includes features such as “RTX ON premium platform, priority access to premium servers, 6-hour session duration, resolution up to 1080p and up to 60 FPS ».

In short, the GeForce Now priority subscription is suitable for 1080p gaming and just like the most expensive one, it can be arranged for six-monthly installments for 49.99 euros (the saving in this way is almost 20%).

And what do you need to do to get this month’s free GeForce Now? Basically, sign up for Ubisoft+ via this link and redeem the coupon. You have more information in this article, although we assume that there is no rush to apply this promotion, which will be extended until next March 31.

It should be noted that Ubisoft’s commitment to Stadia has been important and they are now fixing as much as they can, as circumstances allow, including this type of promotion with which they are trying to attract users to their own Ubisoft+ service, adding to other exclusives implemented in recent months , to which they came to hand out first a week and later a month’s subscription.

Second, GeForce Now is gaining ground among gamers, and that the model they propose, in which you play your own catalog of games, is associated with good service performance. In this regard, it’s also worth remembering that NVIDIA offers a very limited GeForce Now plan (“basic platform, standard access to playing games and session duration 1 hour»), but completely free; and recently increased the benefits of its Ultimate plan.

Interested in learning more about NVIDIA GeForce Now? Don’t miss our review of the GeForce Now RTX 4080, the highest subscription level of the service.

Source: Muy Computer



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