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Our mobile phones are an indispensable tool on a daily basis, especially for the reproduction of multimedia content. When? looking for a good music player we have to consider some aspects such as fluidity, design, functions or other extra features. In short, it provides an adequate user experience.

In my usual travels on the Internet, I found some applications that met all expectations. this is the best They are open source and completely free.. If you need a music player for Android, try these alternatives.

Music Player GO: a player that makes everything clear

We start our tour of four great free music players for Android with MusicPlayerGO, a very interesting option caught our eye as soon as we saw it. When it opens, it highlights your customization, for example, we can change the accent color or follow the theme of the device. It has a built-in equalizer that lets you edit the sound coming out of your headphones.

music playergo

Music Player GO’s interface may seem a bit bland, but that’s one of its virtues.

This application has a submenu that will be our main guide. From it we access different parts of the application. One feature we appreciate is the folder explorer., many people will appreciate it if you organize your music libraries this way. It’s so customizable that we can even change the advance or delay time of double-tapping the player (YouTube style).

You can download it from the free F-Droid store or from the official repository where the developer maintains the app. You can find stable versions of this application from this link.

Music Player GO

Music Player GO

  • Price: Free
  • Developer:: Ivan D’Ortenzio
  • Discharge: droid
  • Discharge: GitHub

Phonograph Plus: simple yet effective

The second option is actually not far behind, The level of adjustment is slightly more advanced as it reaches the depths.. We can manually change the primary and secondary color of the application using a full color palette. We can also adjust the library to change categories such as playlists, songs, albums, artists, genres and folders. Yes, it also includes an explorer that shows folders with music.

phonograph plus

Maybe I used a slightly flashy color, but that doesn’t stop it from looking good.

It is accurately localized to Spanish and features: export files to recover your library if you change devices. It has a random mode for when you’re undecided, and it updates automatically. It is a hidden gem of music players for Android.

To download this music player we have to follow this link which will take us to the official repository.

phonograph plus

phonograph plus

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Chr56
  • Discharge: GitHub

Metro: an interface and level customization to fall in love with

Metro starts with a design that adopts Material You’s most recommended format. It may not be as risky as the next option we’ll see, but fluidity is one of its strengths. If I had to pick one, it would be Subway..

The first screen shows us the “For you” category. gives us quick access to recommendation and history based on recent artists or recently added topics. The presentation of albums in the category of the same name is impeccable, another example of the developer’s care for this music player.

Subway Player

Animations characterize this music player. It is strong and developed at the same time.

Like the other apps shown, Metro offers a settings section to let us. customize the experience to the fullest. As we can see in the screenshot, the configuration is divided into different sections, so you can get an idea of ​​the deep customization it offers.

In the Appearance part, we can make it follow the system rules for a more robust consistency. In case you don’t like the Android 13 music play notification, you can use the old style. It has a local backup system and an equalizer with the possibility of adding effects. cross fade with a time to choose.

Organize your library and listen to your favorite artists with Metro, download to your mobile from the F-Droid store.

Metro - a music player for Android

Metro – a music player for Android

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Muntashir Al-Islam
  • Discharge: droid

BlackHole: The most risky but also a great music player

For the best finish, we have the fourth alternative with the most up-to-date design. Material You repeat to manage the music library in our mobile. A feature of this app is, Integration with Spotify and YouTube. From the very first moment, you get hit lists both in your country and around the world. You get all the songs from Google video platform via streaming.

black hole

Integration with the two streaming platforms only increases their possibilities.

BlackHole shows that you still don’t need these music services, on the contrary, as a local music player, highly recommended thanks to the “My Music” function. From this mode you can organize your library using filters such as date added. It redeploys its power in settings with a high level of customization.

Among others, we can change the theme and accent and aesthetic aspects, see the gradient in album images or backgrounds, or the color of the card (bottom showing current playback). If it’s too little for you Allows you to backup your libraryand choose the quality of the music you download from the servers.

BlackHole download is available on GitHub, you can go to the official repository to install the app from here.

black hole

black hole

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: sangwan
  • Discharge: GitHub

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