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The best ways to increase FPS for better performance in games

Instant FPS drops, having to play games at slow FPS speeds has been one of the biggest problems faced by the players. Especially if the computer you have meets the minimum system requirements of the game you want to play, playing games can sometimes become a cruelty to you. But sometimes you have the option to increase the FPS rate you get in games by 3-4 times with a few settings and tweaks. Today, with the methods you apply to you how FPS boost Let’s talk about what you can do.

For example, say you are playing CS:GO. Just like you enter B FPS drop There is a good chance that you will be hit by the player opposite you. Especially if there is a smoke bomb in the area you entered, your chances of winning that game will decrease even more. If you have a poorly equipped computer, it is very difficult to enjoy today’s games. If you want, you can do this quickly and easily without further ado. FPS augmentation methods Let’s continue our list.

What to do to increase FPS? All methods:

  • Method #1: Close startup apps
  • Method #2: Close apps running in the background
  • Method #3: Save space on your computer
  • Method #4: Clean up the troublesome folder %temp%
  • Method #5: Make sure your drivers are up to date
  • Method #6: If you use a laptop, your battery settings are very important.
  • Method #7: If this does not help, have your computer cleaned.

Method #1: Close startup apps

start task manager

  • Step 1: Press CTRL + Alt + Del combinations and launch the Task Manager
  • Step 2: Go to the “Startup” tab from the above tabs
  • Step 3: Right-click on startup applications that are not useful to you
  • Step 4: Click the Disable button

Some applications you have installed on your computer can run in the background, even if you don’t notice them. startup apps adds itself. To give an example of this; After installing applications such as Discord, Steam or Spotify on your computer, you will notice that these applications also open automatically every time you turn on the computer. Closing these applications will make your computer start up faster and prevent these applications from tiring your computer after opening them in the background.

Method #2: Close apps running in the background

apps running in the background

  • Step 1: Press CTRL + Alt + Del combinations and launch the Task Manager
  • Step 2: Click the Actions option on the tabs
  • Step 3: Click More details at the bottom
  • Step 4: Find apps that are still running in the background even though they are closed
  • Step #5: Right click and close the application

Even if you don’t notice it, in the background tire your computer there are quite a few apps running. For example, even if you close Google Chrome, it can still run in the background. Google Chrome is almost at the forefront of the applications that affect the computer’s RAM performance, both during work and in the background. However, by pressing the arrow at the bottom right of the taskbar, you can see the applications that are actively running in the background. If you use dedicated player equipment, your equipment’s control applications will most likely continue to run in the background. You can also disable them to improve performance.

Method #3: Save space on your computer

full disk

your computers storage area As the battery fills up, you’ll notice slowdowns, especially in everyday use. Therefore, remove any programs or files that you are not actively using on your computer. Let’s say you have videos of your special memories with your family. Instead of keeping these videos on the computer, you can transfer them to an external USB stick. If you do not have a USB memory stick, you can upload it to your computer at any time by uploading it to cloud storage areas such as Google Drive or Yandex Disk.

More than files, programs on your computer can be effective. Because most of these programs make heavy use of important hardware parts of your computer such as processor or RAM. This naturally causes stuttering or FPS drop. Don’t forget to remove the programs you don’t use from the Add or Remove Programs menu in the Control Panel. As your storage opens up you will see the FPS increase.

Method #4: Clean up the troublesome %temp% folder


  • Step 1: Simultaneously press Windows + R combinations
  • Step 2: Type %temp% in the search box that appears and press Enter
  • Step 3: Press CTRL + A in the Temp folder that appears.
  • Step 4: Delete the entire file by pressing the Delete key.

Cookies are stored in the background while browsing on the computer. Most of these cookies are %temp% is located in the folder. If you clean the %temp% folder, you will experience a performance boost because the cookie speed on your computer will be significantly reduced. This is natural FPS boost It will help you immensely.

Method #5: Make sure your drivers are up to date

device manager

There are dozens of drivers that need to be kept up to date, especially those of the hardware on your computer. Outdated drivers cause a serious degradation in your computer’s performance. In particular, outdated game drivers FPS This could be one of the main reasons why your rates are low. Therefore, you may need to update your computer’s drivers. There are quite a few tools available for updating drivers on your computer. For example, you can easily update the drivers on your computer by getting support from the Driver Booster application. If you are going to install the Driver Booster application, make sure that the application does not install other applications for you during the installation phase. Therefore, read the installation step carefully and continue. Otherwise, it will install applications on your computer that will never work for you.

If there is a special driver for your video card, do not update your video card with Driver Booster. The healthiest method is to update the drivers for your video card through the original application. If you are using an old video card without a driver, you can update it with Driver Booster. Don’t panic if you experience issues such as dropping Wi-Fi or screen flickering during the update. It only appears because your drivers are updated.

Method #6: If you are using a laptop, your battery settings are very important

battery settings

If you play games on a laptop, battery settings is quite important. Because your computer runs at lower performance to save energy especially when it is unplugged. This, of course, makes the FPS unavoidable. Click on the battery button at the bottom right of your computer and make sure your battery is in the “Best Performance” option. If not, pull the bar to the right to the best performance position.

Method #7: If it doesn’t help, have your computer cleaned

thermal paste

Your computer starts needing some hardware every day. For example, if your processor runs out of paste, your computer’s performance can be seriously affected. As a solution to this, you can apply processor paste to your computer using a service. If you don’t clean your computer, it will get dusty over time. Because it gets dusty, it heats up more and your fans are insufficient. Of course, this brings problems such as overheating and even shutting down the computer. If you have even a little computer knowledge, carefully clean your computer from dust or ask for help from a service.

Best for you to get better performance in games FPS boost Together we have put together the methods. When you follow the steps above, you can achieve much more successful achievements in games. If you are not getting effective results despite following these steps, the problem may not be with the software. You will find the best solutions with a quality computer service. What adjustments do you make on your computer to increase the FPS? Don’t forget to share with us.

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