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Bing is adding a feature to share your answers on social networks

Not a day goes by (practically) without news related to the new Bing and its chatbot. Microsoft knows this is one of its best ways to take on Google in a long time, and from what we’ve seen in recent weeks, it’s decided to use the move in every way it can. Something that actually makes all the sense in the world, since implementing a chatbot in its browser and opening access to it to all users who want it, has allowed those from Redmond to capitalize on the interest generated by artificial intelligence in recent months.

Yes, I said Microsoft made Bing available to everyone, because while you still have to sign up for a waiting list to try it out, as of mid-week there’s no longer a waiting period, if you sign up for the list you’ll get instant access to the new Bing. The only condition is to use your Microsoft account (Outlook, Hotmail, etc.), because access is not allowed without logging in and access on PC from Microsoft Edge, although here we will tell you how to do it from Chrome and Firefox. Terms that seem reasonable considering the imaginable infrastructure investment that Microsoft must make to offer this service.

Obviously, Remond will already have a more than studied way of making the new Bing economically profitable, but we can bet that this is not their number one priority today (although they are already working on it, with ad attachments and next). No, right now we are focusing on getting as much visibility as possibleand that this is reflected in the arrival of new users attracted by Bing’s news.

This explains to us that, as we can read on his official blog, Bing now has a quick feature for sharing chatbot responses on our social networks, more precisely on Facebook Twitter and surprisingly also on Pinterest. Also, and this seems very striking to me, because I asked the chatbot about this very possibility a few weeks ago, We can also share answers by email. and/or, as you can see in the image above, via WhatsApp (in my case, for example, the email option is shown, but not WhatsApp).

It is undeniable that there is an interest on the part of many users to share the answers of the new Bing in their profiles. Be it interesting, funny, surprising or even wrong, in recent weeks we could see a large number of screenshots of chatbot conversations on social networks. Microsoft makes this operation much easier, as it will be enough for us to place the mouse pointer on the answer, click on the sharing icon and select the network in which we want to publish it.

Now, let’s not doubt that the main reason why Microsoft introduced this change is precisely what was mentioned above, to make the new Bing even more visible, by turning its users into message broadcasters. Of course, these publications will also include a link that leads directly to… yes, you’re right, a chatbot. There’s nothing wrong with that, be careful, I’m not criticizing it. Sounds like a very smart move on the part of the folks at Redmond, who continue to enjoy their advantage until Google starts opening up access to Bard.

Source: Muy Computer



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