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Opera and Opera GX debut integration with ChatGPT


Following in the footsteps of Microsoft Edge, the Opera web browser is making a tentative and much more modest debut integration with trending conversational AI, ChatGPT. It does so both in the main edition of the application and in Opera GX, the one aimed at the public. player.

It’s not a surprise because a few weeks ago Opera was expected to bet on ChatGPT, but the end result is slightly different from what was expected. Although we should not talk so prematurely about the final result, because the truth is that this is the first implementation, which is still in the “early access” phase.

In other words, ChatGPT integration in Opera is currently in test mode and you actually have to activate it manually, although this option has been made visible and is accessible from the toolbar menu. Oh, and besides ChatGPT, there’s ChatSonic, a GPT-4-based alternative to the former with “superpowers”.

But don’t expect Skynet either (everything will come), because this initial implementation of AI in Opera and Opera GX is limited in terms of possibilities. Characteristic, available features are: create a summary, synthesize an idea, create a tweet or meme, all based on the content of the page visited and only as far as ChatGPT is concerned. ChatSonic, in turn, is used to search for related content.

Access to these features can be found in the address bar and in the sidebar of the browser, and in order to use them, it is necessary to have an account – and to be logged into it – in both services.

That would be the exceptional news of Opera 97, the new stable version of the web browser for PC (Linux, Mac, Windows), based on Chromium 111, whose derivatives have been presenting their updates for several days. Of course, Opera Software assures that this is just the beginning.

Source: Muy Computer



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