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US removes removal of Cuba from list of sponsors of terrorism

Government Joe Biden in the United States this Thursday removed the removal of Cuba from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism. to which it was delivered by the previous Administration of President Donald Trump (2017-2021).

Here’s how he put it US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken when asked during a speech before the U.S. House Foreign Relations Committee.

“We do not plan to remove them from the list,” he said. after interrogation of Florida Republican Congressman Maria Elvira Salazar.

Photo: Reuters

The leader of American diplomacy explained that the law emanating from Congress sets “very high criteria” for the government to make such a decision.

“I undertake that if there is a revision, it will be based on the law and the criteria established by it, that, as I said, they have a very high bar,” Blinken said.

The inclusion of Cuba on the list in January 2021 was one of the last decisions made by the Trump administration before leaving office.

The United States then justified this measure, which entails several sanctions, by citing the presence on the island of members of the Colombian ELN guerrillas who traveled to Havana to begin peace talks with the Colombian executive.

The island was delisted in 2015, in a phase of rapprochement promoted by then US President Barack Obama (2009-2017) and halted by Trump, who doubled sanctions on Havana during his tenure and stopped the thaw.

The current Biden administration has made some gestures towards the island, such as removing the restriction on money transfers to Cuba, but it is still far from Obama’s approach.


Source: Aristegui Noticias



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